Best Online Slot Themes For Men 

 September 14, 2020

By  BC Editorial Team

When slots are designed, the aim is for them to have as much broad appeal as possible. The wider the audience reaches, the more successful the slot. Therefore, it is not clear whether slots are targeted at certain sexes. Although most slots seem to be aimed at everyone, rarely some slots are blatantly aimed at men or women. Since 39% of slot players are now female, having slot games that would be of interest to both sexes would seem to be the key to success.

A more regular pattern in the slots industry that creates hit games is to base slots on movies and TV shows and this makes sure that an existing fan base is already present, no matter what sex they are. Having said that, depending on the film or TV show’s appeal, these games could again, unintentionally appeal more to one sex than another. The audience for the best online slots is still a male-dominated one, but only just, despite this, there are a few slots that can be described as being for men only.

Slots For Men

Gambling is still considered a man’s world despite statistics that show the opposite. Slots have definitely changed the gambling landscape and some forms of gambling have suffered because of this. Slots creators are constantly trying to keep up with the changing audience that slots bring to the gambling scene and catering for everyone and all tastes can be tricky. If a slot is going to appeal to a male audience only, then some familiar elements are present and these include beer and beautiful women.

Bier Haus Slot

Bier Haus is not a well-known slot and very few slots players may have even heard of it. It dates back to 2017 and the theme here is the Oktoberfest beer festival in Germany that attracts thousands of people including many tourists. The event itself is mostly targeted at men who are served beer by beautiful barmaids. It comes as no surprise to discover that the slot keeps these elements in place. In fact, the star of the slot is a beautiful blonde barmaid named Heidi.

Bier Haus is a slot from WMS Gaming and the action takes place on 6-reels with 6 rows and 25 paylines. The reels are elongated beer glasses placed under a beer tap. The symbols include Hans a content pub customer, an accordion, a trumpet, a traditional hat, pretzel, playing cards, and more. The wild symbol here is represented by a glass of beer. Free spins are won if three or more Heidi’s land on the reels.

There is a green Heidi, Purple Heidi, and a red Heidi. A purple Heidi locks in place as a wild for the free spins round. If a red Heidi lands on reel 4 during the bonus triggering spin, then you get to spin a Wheel Of Fortune that can award cash prizes and extra spins. Other slots aimed at men include Tomb Raider and Playboy that features a selection of playboy models who are the most valuable of all the symbols.

BC Editorial Team


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