Best Nightwear for Babies in Summer

 July 24, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

Are you looking forward to giving your baby comfortable sleep this Summer? Don’t be afraid to try out new pajamas or swaddles and see what works for your baby.

When it comes to settling your toddler to sleep, the struggle is real. But getting your baby in baby sleepsuits is already half the battle. Picking the perfect choice of sleepwear for your baby can be exciting. From pajama sets to nightgowns, there is an availability of attractive nightwear options with fun prints.

While many parents know how to dress for sleep in the Summer, deciding whether the same rules apply to babies is tough. Read on for helpful tips that will help you pick the best nightwear for babies in the Summer.

The Basic Rules of Dressing Your Baby at Night

Something as simple as selecting a pair of pajamas for your baby can be a daunting task. However, you have to do it anyway and offer your baby a safe, comfy sleep of uninterrupted slumber.

If you’re a newly minted parent, it’s better to have your toddler undressed rather than heavily overdressed. However, it’s good to trust your instincts. If you feel comfortable in one pair of pajamas, it’s likely your baby does too.


The swaddling technique helps young infants feel soothed and safe. A muslin or cotton material is a perfect choice, as both are breathable and lightweight. In addition, the materials offer flexibility for easy tucking and wrapping.

If you’re not well-equipped with baby-tucking skills, you can pick a suit or a swaddle sack. However, ensure you avoid the swaddling technique once your baby starts rolling over.

Wearable blankets and footed sleepwear are other baby sleepsuits options to consider. These nightwear suits can help boost the warmth of your baby in real-time.

Choose Zippers and Snaps over Fashion

Before you settle on the best nightwear for your baby this Summer, it’s essential to consider the convenience factor. No parent wants to fumble with buttons when performing diaper changes at night. Strategically placed zippers and snaps can make the nappy changes convenient and efficient. In addition, save the tricky buttons for daytime hours.

Why Snug Pajamas are Important

Snug pajamas are preferable, as loose materials or clothing can cover your baby’s face during bedtime. Over the past few years, some clothing brands have been offering flame-resistant pajamas for babies over nine months of age.

If you’re a newly minted parent and are unsure about flame-resistant pajamas, consider picking the snug fit alternatives. These alternatives are made from natural fiber and cotton materials and easily fit close to your baby’s body.

Footed Pajamas

Booties and separate socks are cute for your baby. With a one-piece footed pajama, you don’t have to worry about your toddler getting cold feet. However, you need something to keep your baby warm, especially if your kid pulls everything put on them.

The pajama has a snug fit and is made from cotton. In addition, the nightwear comes with a non-slip grip finish. As a result, your baby can walk easily on them.

Bottom Line

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to decide how to dress your toddler for bed. While there are multiple toddler sleepsuits to consider, ensuring your baby is comfortable and safe is essential. However, you don’t have to be afraid. Try out new pajamas and swaddles to see what works for your baby. The bottom line is, you need to decide your baby’s coo and cry, considering they can’t talk.

BC Editorial Team


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