Best Marketing Strategies for Your Medical Practice In 2021

 June 11, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

Medicine will always remain a demanded industry since people have always taken care of their health. Competition in this niche is significant, as there are more and more private centers, multidisciplinary clinics, which provide all kinds of services to their clients. Each medical institution has its own specialization, it can be of narrow or wide profile. The wider the choice of the services, the more features in the development of a marketing strategy should be taken into consideration.

The main features of medical marketing:

  1. If the client is not worried about anything, if talking about his health, then he will not pay attention to the advertisement on TV, the banner on the website, or to the brochure that was handed out at the bus station. The key message can be awesome, but this person doesn’t care as he is feeling good and doesn’t need your services. Though there is a chance that he will remember you when he has something painful.
  2. Remember that one unhappy customer causes ten new ones. The reputation of the medical institution directly depends on the professionalism of the staff. In the best-case scenario, the patient will be dissatisfied with the rudeness of the administrator or the doctor’s dirty coat, at worst – the wrong treatment. In any case, the mistake can be fatal. Retreating after poor-quality medical services is at least expensive and time-consuming, but sometimes even impossible. Therefore, friends, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues of the client will definitely learn about his bad experience in your center. This means that you will not see them on the doorstep of your clinic, no matter how thoughtful your advertising is.
  3. To get a rare or almost unique service, for example, hair transplant, the client will be ready to travel to the other end of the city, or even country, if needed, therefore, when developing a medical marketing strategy for clinics where such services are present, there is no need to focus on geographical location. In the case of a classical medical center that provides standard treatment, for example, therapeutic, dental, etc., geolocation plays an important role. It is much easier to find a good specialist in such areas, so the client will choose the clinic with the most convenient location.
  4. Many patients are afraid of doctors because going to the hospital is associated with fear for their lives and pain. Therefore, the choice of a medical center is approached especially carefully and demandingly. According to cardiologist Dr. Simon Stertzer, MD, in 2020, United States first-year medical school admissions reached 22,239. As this is a highly competitive field, to achieve their goals, future doctors need to have access to a higher level of education and training.
  5. As we have mentioned before, sales will largely depend on the quality of the doctors’ work, so you need to work on their reputation in the network. However, it is worth noting that often each specialist has his own regular clients, so if a doctor quits, most likely his clients will leave you with him.

Of course, it is not easy to create a marketing strategy for a medical institution. But the main thing is to correctly formulate goals, objectives, budget, and the professional team to help you in this field. The choice of advertising channels and tools depends on them, as well as your further success.

BC Editorial Team


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