Best football betting tips

 January 21, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

Betting on football

Football is by far the most popular sport in the world, and it is also the most popular in sports betting. So it’s no question that even as a beginner, we’ll probably bet on football first. It won’t be hard, as most people are aware of the rules and maybe even know which are the biggest teams. In addition, bookmakers like bet at home, also offer most of their events in football to their bettors. However, if we want to stand out from the average bettors, we definitely need more than knowledge of a few teams and leagues. There are some specific tips that you can take to become even more efficient bettor. Here are some helpful tips for betting on football! Here, too, the main secret is in the details and we can be the best by having the most valuable information! And we can gather the most valuable information not from official statistics, but from various news sites, like from https://www.sportni-portal.com/, so it’s important to read and browse the news a lot.

The most useful advice

A lot of people make the mistake of getting stuck at a single bookmaker, even though that’s the worst thing they can do. We can have favorite bookmakers and all these things, but we need to find the best odds available on the market, as this can also increase our winnings. Fortunately, there are many sites out there which can help in this, because these sites provide help to compare the offers of 40-50 or more bookmakers. We don’t have to register for completely unknown names and new bookies, but the bottom line is to have a registered account with at least 10-15 bookmakers to be able to always bet with the best odds.

Probably everyone is getting into the world of sports betting in addition to their normal work, so time can be a serious factor. Plus, many of the bettors, do not even follow the events of that sport, they just look at the particular league’s table and place a bet. However, this is not a good strategy in the long run, we definitely need to watch as many matches as we can. On the one hand, we can gain an insight into the game of a given team, the performance of its players and, for example, their endurance. On the other hand, we can also appear in the most interesting betting market, the live betting market. Also, by watching more and more games, we can build up our own knowledge base which can be our biggest advantage against the bookies and the other bettors.

Other important strategies in football betting

Very few deal with this, but when looking for events to bet on, we need to consider a factor that we can simply call the value of the bet. This means nothing more than that the probability (the odds) offered by the bookmaker is lower than the probability we have calculated for that match. The biggest headache in this is always how we determine the probability of a particular outcome. This is where information, statistics, tips from other bettors, history and more come into play. However, if we manage to identify such matches, we are already at the place where professional sports betting begins.

Beginners really like betting on combinations at the beginning when they can bet multiple games in one betslip. After all, this allows us to do as many tips at once as we want. Usually, players tend to bet on one or two markets in this case, most often they try to hit the outcome of the match. What makes it really tempting to bet in combination is the fact that we can build up combinations where the possible win can be me multiple thousands of forints, while the bet is only 1000 forints – depending on the events and the bookmaker. It’s hard to argue with that, but don’t be fooled by images spreading on social media about very big winnings on combinations bigger than or so. In the case of a big combination, we will not win in the vast majority of cases, since in this case the odds together are already moving towards the impossible probability. Think about it, betting 10 matches on just one betslip is a very huge risk. It’s just not worth it.

Some other advices and the conclusion

Finally, it is very important that if we want to be successful bettors, we cannot play by emotion. When our favorite team is playing, for example, we certainly don’t want them to lose, no matter how big the odds are. In such cases, we simply have to forget our favorites and we should only bet under the control of our brain. So we should not bet on feelings, we must believe in facts, history, statistics, but intuitions and desires should not be given a place in the world of sports betting. Looking at any long-term successful bettor, we can see that they never bet on favorites, they simply follow their strategy. They may even have no favorite team or league at all.

And what should not be forgotten when betting on football is that the most popular matches are always the most risky ones, as they are the most watched by all bettors and bookmakers. Feel free to look around in lower leagues, in Asia or South America and so on, in such places we can always find odds worth playing.

So overall, it’s worth betting on football, but be sure to pay attention to a few things and stick to a few ground rules. Believe it, they are created by experienced bettors.

BC Editorial Team


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