13 Best Font Generator Apps for Windows 

 January 15, 2023

By  Gregory

Want to create your fonts? Finding the fonts too much expensive? Brush your skills and create your own font using the best font generator apps we reviewed in this article for Windows.

It’s not just you who finds deciding on the right font overwhelming. Even seasoned designers often find sorting through seemingly limitless options challenging. Or there are times when you want to create your font. Those are the times you start to find out font generator apps. 

Are you using Windows and looking for the best font generator apps? Do not worry; there are many best font generator apps for Windows that we will talk about in this article.

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You can choose from any of these best Windows font generators that will help you to create your custom fonts in no time.

With these best font generator apps for Windows, you can get a sense of what your text will look like before finalizing it, and some even let you view how fonts pair together.

The font generator is a software program that creates various types of files which can be used for websites or graphic design software. In addition to creating custom fonts, you can also use them to visualize font pairings. 

The Best Font Generator Software for Windows 

We have jotted down the 13 best font generator software for Windows for you in this article. Choose the best one according to your needs. 

1. FontLab 7

One of the best font generator apps for Windows is FontLab 7. A font editor for Windows 7–10, FontLab 7 integrates fonts into the operating system. With it, you can create fonts from start to finish, from an idea to a completed project, and add a spark of magic to the type of design. You can try FontLab 7 for free for 30 days. Licenses are available for macOS & Windows for $459.

It allows you to draw smooth, consistent glyphs, autotrace bitmaps, create overlaps, simplify paths, and equalize stems and scale outlines while keeping stroke thickness. View and fix contour imperfections, draw fractional and integer coordinates, and view numeric and visual measurements.

You can add space and kern in multi-line tabs or windows that feel like text editors. Font families, variable OpenType fonts, color fonts, and web fonts can be created, opened, extended, tested, and exported for any Unicode system. In addition, you can collaborate with users of other font editing apps.

FontLab 7

2. Microsoft Font Maker

Microsoft Font Maker is free to download and use on Windows 10 PCs. This is an official Microsoft app. Using app. Anyone can design their font, install it on their device, and use it as they, please. Designers and artists can find Microsoft Font Maker a handy tool, and anyone who likes to be creative with their writing. 

How to make a font using Microsoft Font Maker? During startup, there are several characters to write by hand. Then you must select next and then write a few sentences. Afterward, you can adjust the kerning and spacing to make the font look more like your handwriting. 

You can then save your font under any name you choose. Using Windows 10, you can install it just like any other font. The font can be created on a pen-enabled device and installed onto any Windows 10 device you want. The tool is incredibly versatile. Anyone who wants to make a custom font can use the tool, from calligraphers for kids who wish to learn penmanship.

Microsoft Font Maker

3. FontCreator 14

Another one on our list of best font generator apps for Windows is FontCreator 14. You can design and generate font families with greater flexibility, all thanks to FontCreator 14.

They offer a free trial, and their packages are:

FontCreator 14 Home Edition for $49. FontCreator 14 Standard Edition for $149. FontCreator 14 Professional Edition for $199.

A variable font contains one or more axes (such as weight or width), which allow for a continuous range of styles. Variable fonts combine font styles into one resource, combining them into a single font, but there’s a catch. Variations cannot be interpolated if the outlines are not compatible. It has tools to help you locate and fix compatibility issues to combine your existing non-variable fonts into a new variable font.

At the same time, you can test your fonts and make changes. You can proof your fonts using the OpenType Designer. FontCreate 14 shaping engine displays all features and lookups applied to your input text, so you can see precisely how our engine processes your text. You can test your font with a click in external software and even in a web browser. It’s that simple!

FontCreator 14

4. Fontographer 5

In Fontographer 5, you’ll find powerful typographic tools in a simple package ideal for publishers and designers. You can quickly add fractions, symbols, foreign characters, and logos to Type 1, OpenType, and TrueType fonts or create a font from scratch. They charge $259 for Windows users

With Fontographer 5, you can import/export FontLab files, use the new Illustrator and Freehand versions and support CJKV fonts up to 20,000 characters. To generate a font in Fontographer 5, you only need to set a few basic technical parameters. Fontographer uses sophisticated auto hinting technology to optimize font rendering in small sizes or allows you to define hints manually. 

Both beginners and professionals can manipulate type easily with Fontographer. Fast rendering in Fontographer makes it easy to design, edit, and manipulate fonts in various editing windows. You can view, print, and specify characters. For both macOS and Windows, Fontographer generates fonts.


5. FontForge

The next on our list of best Windows font generator apps is the FontForge font editor. A community of fellow type lovers develops it. FontForge supports two scripting languages: its language and Python. With its GUI, it can execute scripts, and with its Python module, it can be integrated into any Python program.

FontForge supports OpenType feature files. It is also compatible with unofficial Microsoft mathematical typesetting extensions. Among the mathematical fonts on FontForge, at least one is free.

FontForge renders fonts in FreeType. It renders graphics and text using the libcairo and libpango software libraries, providing anti-aliased graphics and support for complex text layouts. You can use Potrace or AutoTrace in FontForge to trace bitmap images and import them into a font.

It supports a variety of font formats. Its native Spline Font Database format is text-based and enables collaboration among designers by allowing them to create different files easily. XML-based UFO source format is also supported.


6. What Font Is

Undoubtedly, WhatFontIs is the best font resource for professional designers. Despite being free to use, WhatFontIs Premium is far more attractive. The annual subscription to WhatFontIs costs $39.99. This includes ad-free access, automatic character recognition, a 50% recurring discount, and custom preview text. 

Its Artificial Intelligence technology guarantees accurate search results. This approach automatically resolves 90% of your font search requests. It recognizes fonts even in cursive, so it doesn’t always need to find a direct match.

It is also one of the best online font generator apps that can help you convert any font into web fonts. Just upload your font, and the app converts it into Webfont Kit

WhatFontIs can benefit anyone. There are various contexts for its use. WhatFontIs provides a database of over 750k fonts, making it possible to find the font. Its search interface makes it easy to locate typefaces.

Alternatively, you can use the Google Chrome browser extension to right-click on any image and send it to the identifying process. It searches for you since it understands how time-consuming finding high-quality fonts can be.


7. Fontstruct

FontStruct is an online font-building tool funded by advertising and sponsors. It is free to use, but you must sign up before using it. FontStruct allows you to create geometric fonts easily. On these shapes, you can choose from many shapes, plus glues can affix themselves to each other to form a TrueType font face. To create genuinely graphical fonts, you either need to use pixel fonts or change the bricks that make up the font every time. 

It is also possible to use the circle brick and change the size of the bricks to overlap each other in the advanced tab. This way, you can draw it much smoother than a regular line. If you don’t have time to build fonts with them or if you want simple fonts, this will do just fine. Users of this program can download fonts designed by others for free

You could use this free online font generator app against the costlier commercial font programs. Using this could also save you some hard drive space since you do not need to install anything to use it. You can go right to the website and build it from there. 


8. BitFonter 3

BitFonter is a professional bitmap font editor available for Windows. It is not free. The package for Windows costs $149. You can convert bitmap fonts to and from outline fonts and apply special effects.

In bitmap fonts, each pixel can be positioned precisely. Therefore, bitmap fonts are typically used on low-resolution devices, such as mobile phones, PDAs, LED displays, printers, and ticketing machines. 

BitFonter does not directly support color OpenType fonts. It is also possible to create a color bitmap font in BitFonter, export it as Photofont PHF, open the PHF in FontLab 7 or TransType 4, and export the result as a color OpenType SVG, sbix, or CBDT font. Due to the popularity of emojis, bitmap-based color fonts are also supported on desktop, mobile, and web platforms.

BitFonter 3

9. FontArk Font Editor

A browser-based font editor, FontArk features real-time editing of multiple glyphs. This is one of the best free online font generator apps that is pretty stable and works well. It saves copies of your work as you go. You can use it for free!

Fontark’s font editor makes it simple to draw characters. With a fluid grid (the Matrix), an advanced glyph synchronization system (SX), and an automatic outline generator, all that’s required is drawing the centerlines (skeletons) of the characters. Later, you can tweak the rest quickly. 

You can control, modify, and tweak the entire character set while selected character parts are synchronized. Fontark’s uncompromising flexibility allows you to modify a group of characters at a time or a single character at will. Additionally, you can adjust font weight, proportions, curves, and details faster and smoother


10. Type light

In Type light, OpenType, TrueType, and PostScript fonts can be created, edited, and converted. You can use it for free for personal and limited commercial purposes. Using the Select Tool, you can modify the existing nodes in any font you own if its license allows editing. This is the best free font generator app for Windows. 

Type Light includes three curve manipulation tools (Corner Curve, Straight Curve, and Smooth Curve) that you can use to adapt and edit your glyphs. 

Type Light’s PDF manual includes helpful hints for avoiding mistakes. You can toggle preview shading on and off and find an easy-to-use reverse contour command

Type Light lacks some of the most valuable features found in Type 3.2. Save drafts frequently since Type Light is limited to ten undos. Especially if you don’t have much money to spend or need one custom font, Type Light is what you need and won’t take long to learn. That is why we have included this one in our list of best font generator apps for Windows. 

Type Light

11. Calligraphr

With Calligraphr, you can create a TrueType font for your website or mobile app. This is one of Windows’s best online font generator apps that you can use to turn your handwriting or calligraphy into a font. There is a premium option, but the free version includes all the tools you need to upgrade your website’s typography. For $24 per 6 months, you can upgrade to the paid version to create up to 480 characters.

No limit exists on the number of fonts you can create, nor is it possible to include more than 75 characters. You can also randomize the letter design so that every letter looks slightly different from the last. 

Calligraphr generates handwriting-like fonts thanks to its feature of character randomization. Using your Calligraphr-generated fonts on your website, app, or print collateral is recommended, but not for social media captions.


12. Scanahand 7

It is easy to create TrueType fonts from your handwriting using Scanahand 7. It has two licenses: Standard for $59 and Premium for $149. While you cannot edit fonts, you can edit your filled-in template with photo-editing software and quickly generate the font again.

With the Premium Edition, you can easily create fonts with a broader range of glyphs to support different languages. A fontmetric, glyph mapping or side-bearing is not necessary. It is just a matter of filling out the template. You will create fonts you are proud of with patience. Scanahand might be the key to creating professional-quality fonts and can be regarded as one of the best Windows online font generator apps. 

The forms can be printed and manually filled in or saved locally in formats like JPG, PNG, or BMP. In addition, users enjoy importing fonts in various formats, such as EMF, TIF, GIF, and more. 

Scanahand 7

13. Birdfont

Using Birdfont, you can create vector graphics and export them to TTF, OTF, and SVG formats. It is free to use and one of Windows’s best free font generator software. Birdfont supports both monochrome and color font formats. Please create your fonts using various drawing tools that allow you to design the vectors for each letter, trace letters, or import them in SVG format. 

At first glance, BirdFont’s interface might appear confusing, but you can quickly learn it by following some tutorials. A Birdfont coordinate grid has light-colored background lines, while vector curves are always rendered as black-on-white lines, with easily-distinguishable control points. They are rendered differently depending on which type of curve and point the control points correspond to. 

In conclusion, picking up Birdfont and beginning sketching is effortless. Its drawing tools are pickier about their operation, which lends itself to a different workflow.



Which One You Choose From The Best Font Generator Apps For Windows 

These are some of the best font generator apps for Windows that you can download on your system and create your custom font. We have listed some of the best online font generator apps too if you don’t want to download any additional software. 

Some of these best Windows font generator software is free to use as well for those who want to try their hands at creating custom fonts. For professionals, this article features full-mode professional font generator apps for Windows that you can try. 

Whatever of these custom font generator apps you choose, do let us know in the comments section which one you like the most and why? If you use any other best apps for creating fonts in Windows, please mention that to help our readers. 



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