Best Casino Road Trips in the United States

 March 5, 2022

By  Kyrie Mattos

Gambling houses have been around for centuries, millennia even. However, such establishments started to morph into the venues we now call casinos during the 17th century. That first happened in Italy. This trend quickly spread throughout Europe, and such spots got a foothold in the US in the 1930s. During that period, Nevada’s gaming boom was in its inception, but even then, it was clear that it would become the country’s premium betting destination.

Today, there are more than one thousand active casinos across the US. Only five US states forbid most forms of gambling. These are Utah, Hawaii, Alaska, Texas, and Tennessee. Know that even if a region does not permit commercial gaming establishments, if it has Native American reservations, the odds are that it will have such a tribe-run locale. In 2020, statistics showed 525 casinos were operational on Native American land. Thus, if you are in the mood for gambling and wish to travel, the choice of options in the US is robust. What follows are three suggested trips you can make from one location supplying games of chance to another, all the while experiencing a slice of Americana.

From Oklahoma’s WinStar World Casino to the Riverwind Casino

Even though gambling is not the first thing most people associate with Oklahoma, the Sooner State is home to 134 gambling properties. It only trails behind Nevada in this department. However, even more interesting, it is the home to the world’s most sizeable such venue, the WinStar, found on tribal land in Thackerville, at 77 Casino Avenue. It boasts a 370,000 square foot floor where you can play a great round of craps, hands of blackjack, or spin slots.

The Riverwind Casino is another massive Oklahoma gambling joint located in Norman on 1544 West Hwy 9, at the Interstate 35/State Highway 9 west junction. Its floor sprawls 219,000 square feet. The distance between it and the WinStar is 105 miles or a 95 min straight drive via Interstate 35. An alternative route is separating off the I-35 and venturing off to state highway 74 S at Purcell. Then, joining back onto I-35 S near Springer. At 1,568 miles, the I-35 is the third-longest north-south Interstate in the US, starting from Laredo, Texas, on its south end and ending in Duluth, Minnesota, on its north one. Notable attractions along the WinStar-Riverwind trip include Lake Murray State Park, Tucker Tower, the Southern Oklahoma Speedway, Ardmore Regional Park, the Treasure Valley Casino, and the Washita Casino.

From the Mohegan Sun to Foxwoods

Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun has a gaming floor just shy of WinStar’s record, taking up 364,000 square feet. As its name suggests, this resort gets operated by the Mohegan Tribe. It is on the banks of the Thames River in Uncasville, on 1 Mohegan Sun Boulevard, and is likely the most famous tribal casino in the US, opened in 1996. The Mohegan Tribe have planted this casino on their Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation’s reservation in Ledyard, Connecticut. It also features a casino lobby (344,000 square feet) that puts Vegas’ Strip Establishments to shame.

These two spots are only 7 miles apart, connected with the CT-2A E and the CT-2 E. With usual traffic, moving back and forward between these two should last no more than fifteen minutes. There are several cool sights/places between these two destinations. For example, near the Foxwoods are the Lake of Isles golf course, the Indiantown Park, and the Mashantucket Pequot Museum. Close by to the Mohegan Sun are the Norwich Golf Club, the Tantaquidgeon Museum, and the Stoddard Hill State Scenic Reserve. Linking these two locations are Connecticut’s lushes greens.

From Rapid City to Deadwood

Everyone knows South Dakota as the Badlands. That said, a fascinating fact about the home of Mount Rushmore is that it is the third US territory to legalize gambling. Now, visiting South Dakota with only playing games of chance on your mind is not a terrific idea, as its venue offer is not as extensive as that in other US states. Furthermore, the quality of the establishments offered here is also not on par. Nevertheless, if you want to take in some American history while enjoying a bit of betting fun, it is a state you should stop by and explore.

Rapid City only has one casino, the Time Out Lounge on 615 East North Street. It is a modest gambling joint in the City of Presidents. Yet, the legendary town of Deadwood has several quality gaming locales, including Cadillac Jack and the Deadwood Gulch Gaming Resort. It is only four and a half miles away from Rapid via the I-190 N and the I-90 W. It goes without saying that Deadwood is a place that every American should visit at least once.

Kyrie Mattos


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