Beautiful Metal Prints for Your Homes And Offices

 July 20, 2022

By  BC Editorial Team


They say, displaying wall decor in your homes and offices is a luxury. While it is true that you will spend money to have them, it’s an investment that pays off. Having your walls dressed up will provide better aesthetic environment that you and your visitors will enjoy from day to day. And if you’re looking for striking wall art features that will instantly draw anyone’s attention, then we recommend going for metal prints.

A metal print is a sophisticated wall decoration that combines a black core covered with aluminum sheets that are printed with any image of your choice. This is a premium product known for its sturdiness, elegance, and fantastic print quality at a very reasonable and affordable price.

Metal prints are quite practical too. They can resist heat and hold up so well in humid environments compared to their counterparts such as posters or canvas prints. These advantages make metal prints great for your kitchen, sunroom, or anywhere you would want to dissipate high heat or sun exposure. Practical, isn’t it?

In this article, we will learn everything you need to know about metal prints, from what they are, their benefits, to how you can get discounts when buying them. Read on!

What Are Metal Prints?

Artworks made of metal have been a form of self-expression since the ancient eras. And these days metal is also used as a print substrate – something that was difficult to imagine in the past. Metal has been used in printing for generations, but it was more of an auxiliary than an independent substrate.

Everything has changed and now you can have just about any digital image – be it your photo, a digital design or even a scanned drawing – printed on metal. The print itself consists of a sleek metal panel, usually aluminum, which is layered with an image according to the consumer’s choice.

With metal prints, you can keep your most cherished memories alive and use them to decorate any empty wall space in your home or office. These luminous and stunning photo prints can be displayed in your bedroom, living room, or any of your favorite places and spaces at home, and in the office too. Metal prints are great for bringing photos to life and last but not least they are also great conversation starters.

Moreover, metal prints offer a clean, industrial, modern, and high-definition look. They are commonly printed on aluminum, as you have learned earlier, with a white base coat that can make any color printed on the metal print more vibrant.

Printing photos on a metal piece will provide the photo a striking industrial and modern touch. These sophisticated and ultra-modern metal prints can be the highlights of your walls that perfectly showcase your photos and digital artworks.

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Reasons Why You Should Consider Decorating with Metal Prints

Thinking about dressing up bare walls at home with posters, photo frames or canvas prints? These are all excellent print formats, each with a number of advantages, but metal prints have some unique benefits of their own.

Metal offers distinctive advantages over other traditional substrates like canvas or paper. Here are the best reasons why you should consider displaying metal prints in your spaces.

1. Metal Prints Can Be Cleaned

With metal prints, impurities, smudges, and stains can simply be cleaned and wiped off because the dye is protected beneath the surface coating. Compared with more vulnerable pieces like canvas prints of photo paper posters, you will not have this luxury of easy cleaning. Instead, every time you try to clean a canvas or a paper poster, you’ll run into a risk of damaging prints with water.

2. They Do Well in Harsh Conditions

Metal prints can greatly resist heat and hold up very well in humid surroundings, especially when compared to their counterparts. This heat-resisting property makes them ideal for the kitchens, sunlit rooms and even bathrooms, or any other place where you anticipate sun exposure or high heat. This is not something you can expect from materials like canvas or paper because they are naturally porous and absorb liquid from the air. By contrast, metal prints, due to their unique design and qualities of metal, don’t absorb anything and can be safely displayed in challenging environments.

3. There Is No Additional Mounting Difficulty

We cannot deny the fact that because metal is heavy, people might think this can make the hanging and mounting process much more challenging than with other print media. But this is actually not true. In fact, aluminum, which is metal, is a surprisingly lightweight printing substrate and, therefore, metal prints will be very easy to mount.

Additionally, metal prints are also scratch-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about damaging the print during the installation process.

4. Metal Prints are Longevity Champions

How long do metal prints last? With a minimum of care, you can expect your metal prints to remain in mind condition for decades – up to 40 and 50 years, in fact! Since metal prints are printed on aluminum, they are wonderfully waterproof. If you see fingerprints or something else on them, simply use a damp cloth to wipe spots away.

Getting Discounts When Buying Metal Prints

So by this time, you might be more than ready to purchase your metal print. But how much does it cost? Metal prints offer incredible value. Since metal photo prints do not need to be framed, you can save a lot on framing costs which are usually much higher than the price of the print itself.

When you order your prints with a wall mount, you can have the wall décor ready for hanging at a fraction of the cost of a custom-framed traditional photograph print.

Beautiful metal prints are available at discounted prices on the CANVASDISCOUNT.com website. Here is just one example: an eight by eight-inch metal print is now sold at just $22 (the original retail price? No less than $51). CANVASDISCOUNT are well known for their discount policy – this printing provider might be the top choice for budget-savvy buyers who are looking for top-quality products and elegant contemporary design.

Metal prints at CANVASDISCOUNT are beautiful reproductions of your photographs displayed on aluminum composite panels with lightweight cores. While being gracefully slim, these prints are also wonderfully durable and available at bargain-basement prices.

Metal prints are perfect for anybody who admires restrained sophistication, so if you’re ready for shopping, the best time to order these amazing and unusual prints is now!

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