Avoid These Rookie Mistakes when Playing Online Slots

 May 4, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

Online casinos are all the fad these days, with many new players getting exposed to a wide range of fun and exciting casino games. You can go here  for some of these games, wherein slots are one of the most favored games among seasoned players and beginners.

However, players seem to be missing out on a lot when playing online slots for the first time, whether better rewards or free spins. And in this day and age, who wants to miss out?

That’s why we made a simple list of some common mistakes new players commit when starting out with online slots. Make sure you check everything on this list, so you get the most out of your gaming experience.

Top mistakes to avoid in Online Slots

  1. Not checking the rulebook
  2. Skipping free games and bonuses
  3. Running before walking
  4. Going loose on the cash
  5. Playing without limits
  6. Chasing losses

Why players choose slots over other online casino games

Before we proceed, let’s ask the age-old question: “why are slots so attractive to gamblers?” With so many games to choose from, why does the slot machine get so much attention?

According to research, the allure of slots has little to do with the monetary benefits it provides. Instead, slot machines in land-based casinos were a form of socializing, as gambling encourages social interaction.

For online slots, self-medication is a major factor for the inherent attraction to the game. The bright lights, colorful themes, and eye-catching effect of the moving reels somehow hypnotize players, allowing them to momentarily forget their troubles and just enjoy. Additionally, the immediate payoff that slots provide, as well as the flashing lights and sounds it produces when a player wins, encourages the player to play more.

With that out of the way, let’s proceed to our list, shall we?

Not checking the rulebook

First off, while slots are relatively easy to play, not all online slot machines play the same. Skipping on the rules for each online slot machine you play with could cause some major misunderstandings with which pairs offer what prize.

That’s why we highly recommend checking out the tutorial or help screens before pulling that lever. Not only does this give you all the details of the game, including basic rules and prize amounts, but also guides you into making the most out of each pull. This also gives tips on activating bonus rounds, which means more opportunities to win.

Skipping free games and bonuses

Let’s be honest: who still reads the fine print when signing up for an online account or subscribing to a page? With all the tiny letters and long-winded sentences, players would just scroll down and tap “Agree” to proceed. While this is a common practice, taking time to read the details when starting out on slot games could come in handy in the long run.

Many online casinos offer some bonuses upon sign-up or per deposit, with the bonus dependent on the amount deposited per transaction. These bonuses appear either as free spins or additional tokens, which are sure to add value to your playtime.

The required amount for the bonuses varies per online casino, with some going as high as asking for 30 times the wagering price for the bonus to take effect. We recommend avoiding these high requirements like a plague and opt for online casinos that offer low asking deposits.

Running before walking

We understand that the thrill of pulling off a major win in slots is a truly exhilarating experience, especially when playing with big stakes. However, jumping directly into the big leagues without playing the smaller stakes is like jumping into a pool without testing the water: shocking and impacting.

Starting out with low-bet slots could sound cheap, but it prepares you mentally and emotionally for the high-stakes games. Though the potential returns are quite minimal, it lets you practice with nominal risks. Get the feel of the slots and learn how to make the right bets, so you can maximize your winnings when you transition to the bigger bets.

Going loose on the cash

Setting up a playing budget is important when playing on online casinos, as it could be really easy to spend money on continuous rolls without a proper budget. We’ve seen our share of players who enjoyed slots so much that they unintentionally spent the rent money on the game!

When playing make sure that you’re using money that you can afford to lose. Not only does this make the games less stressful, but this allows you to save any winnings for your next game session. You can also look for sites that can help calculate your allowable playing money per session, so you can focus on the fun.

Playing without limits

Another common mistake rookies make when starting out with online slots is getting too involved in the game that one loses track of time. As they say, “time flies when you’re having fun.”

While this happens to the best of us on things we really enjoy, not having a proper game schedule can affect our other activities, like work, school, and family. And habitual lack of time management could snowball into bigger challenges later on.

You can circumvent this by setting an alarm before playing – and sticking to that alarm religiously. Limiting your game time to a few hours each day makes each session more enjoyable, memorable, and stress-free.

Chasing losses

Losing to slots can be hard, more so when the losses pile up and turn into a slump. At times like this, it is really tempting to continue playing until you recoup your losses.

However, more often than not, this is not the case. Usually, the losses continue to accumulate, and with the added frustration, you’re prone to making impulsive or irrational decisions that will dig deeper into the rabbit hole.

So, what to do when it’s raining losses? Take a “time out” and log off the game in the meantime. This lets you take a breather, relax, and think about what just happened. It also resets your brain, allowing you to process better and regain your composure. And when you’re back in the right headspace, you can go back to playing.


So there’s our list of the top mistakes to avoid when playing online slots. Slots, while enjoyable, could stress players out when it gets the better of you. With our tips, you are sure to be on top of your game, so you can focus on winning and enjoying yourself.

BC Editorial Team


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