Artificial intelligence redefines a new generation of programming

 May 23, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team


In recent years, artificial intelligence became a reality from being a figment of fiction. Machines that could think like humans were an excellent friction plot for a story.  However, in recent times, it has transitioned from fiction to reality where living people are using artificial intelligence technologies in their everyday lives and somehow it becomes an integral part of their daily rituals. For asking Alexa/siri to tell you the time to the recommended video section in media streaming.

What do we need to understand?

Let us first understand what artificial intelligence is? A branch of computer science, especially known for making intelligent machines capable of doing tasks that require human intelligence. Artificial intelligence refers to the stimulation of human intelligence in the machine that are programmed to think like humans.

It extends this idea to require machines to do everything that humans can do, such as understanding images, navigating a robot, responding to facial expressions, distinguishing music genres and so on. Artificial intelligence has brought far more developed, smart technology to different industries and its growth still exceeds the expectations that it would reach human intelligence.

Because developers are doing experiment on new inventions to satisfy the more needs of human and organization necessities. After all necessity is the reason of invention. Like the development of most software applications, artificial intelligence writing has wide variety of languages. However, there is no perfect programming language to be declare as best.

The programming languages used for intelligence are & nbsp; python, C++, JAVA, LISP, PROLOG. This is the major programming languages in artificial intelligence to develop and satisfy the needs in development and designing of software. It depends on the developer which of the artificial intelligence languages will gratify the desired functionality and features of the required application.

Why is it important?

Artificial intelligence is vital for the growth and future of the society. It makes the processing better, faster and more accurate. Some very crucial applications of artificial intelligence were identifying and predicting fraudulent transactions. It makes credit scoring faster and accurate and also includes automatic manual data management practices.

Artificial intelligence improves the existing process of industries and applications across the world and also helps in overcoming the problems that are enormous to deal with manually. Now let’s see some more advantages of artificial intelligence in our everyday life.

Smartphones are the major or foremost usable device, while using it we all have come across Google assistant, siri(iPhone) or smartphone assistants this is the works of artificial intelligence. Even the features like portrait mode effect while shooting a picture is also created by artificial intelligence.

Why is this a need?

Talking about the artificial intelligence, there is no better and more prominent display of this technology than what smart car and drone with it. Tesla, one of the well-known companies who made so much progress that we already have a fleet of semi-automatic cars on the road Amazon, Walmart companies are now heavily investing in drone delivery programs.

Social media feeds that’s you see in your timeline to the notifications that you receive from these apps, everything is created by artificial intelligence. Music and media streaming services like Spotify, Netflix or YouTube. The Discover weekly playlist on Spotify and the recommended video & section has become so good at knowing your taste that it’s scary well, all is done by artificial intelligence online training.

It also offers a chance to transform the lives of the IT aspirants’ individuals and the existing IT professionals. It also plays a vital role in the medical world. There are lots of improvements in the way healthcare is accessed, the electronic health record is more improved and experienced than before, it’s easier and faster than before.

How is this possible?

Let’s have a look on the role and responsibilities of artificial intelligence professionals. There are some tasks and responsibilities that AI engineers have to perform. First to be a leading professional in artificial intelligence he/she requires to gain mastery in technical knowledge as well as modification in personality skills such as expertise in programming languages such as JAVA, C++ and programming skills for creating multiple IT projects.

He/she must understand the data science fundamentals that includes data analysis, data mining and data manipulation. Technical skills include the database and clustering mechanisms. Practical knowledge of machines, big data analytics and many other skills. Personality skills involve communication skills, deep learning nature and must focus on the good results.

The job role in the field of AI that an individual learns through training and learning within a period of two to three years, are the AI scientists they work for the researchers filed and expertise in mechanisms of deep learning of machines. AI engineers, advanced level computer science engineers, work on big data analytics. The well-known AI workers Robotics programmers, software engineers and many more.


AI data scientists major work includes statistical data analysis. The major work of data scientists includes statistical data analysis and machine learning techniques for example time series as deep learning AI. The AI scientists also collaborate with the technical team for creating datasets, training, analysing, designing that are meant for executing documenting works. They are also expertise in designing algorithms and programmers.

BC Editorial Team


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