Are Republicans Losing The Battle Of The US Senate? 

 June 15, 2020

By  BC Editorial Team

Until 2019, the political landscape of America favored the Republicans in almost every state. It looked like the Republicans were going to win the elections scheduled for 2020. However, since the commencement of 2020, a series of consecutive challenges started hitting the American nation. These challenges did not only cripple the American economy but also divided the American nation.

Additionally, these challenges shook America’s political environment from its core and restructured it completely. Now it seems that the Democrats have taken a visible lead over Republicans in terms of popular votes.

According to the experts, Republicans, who were once so sure of their win, now stand at a close call of 53 to 47 seats. This means that while Republicans have to defend 23, Democrats need to capture a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 seats without the White House advantage. If the Democrats win the White House, they would need 4 Senate seats to defeat the Republicans.

Republicans, on the other hand, are sitting in disbelief. They are trying to think about ways in which they could win their voters back, which now seems a little difficult.

Why Are Republicans Anticipating A Defeat?

The reasons why Republicans are anticipating failure to gain popular votes in most American states are pretty straightforward. First of all, their nominated President failed to keep the American nation united in tough times.

Moreover, the US economy went from good to pretty bad within a week of COVID-19 lockdown implementation. Additionally, the recent violence against the Black community raised many questions on Trump’s policies towards them.

As if these reasons weren’t enough, President Trump’s stubborn stance on supporting biased economic policies and ignoring climate change efforts fuel the fire. Worst, he continues to troll his opponents with his ridiculous tweets.

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How Are Republicans Dealing with The Current Scenario?

Although many Republicans themselves had been criticizing Trump for his irrational dealings of national affairs, they admit that pre-COVID-19 spread, the President did succeed in stabilizing the economy. According to them, before the President had imposed a halt on the economic activity because of the pandemic, America’s job market had been blooming.

Many media houses were publishing reports which showed how people in all of the United States were reaping benefits of the improved economy and it was all good in the hood. But then the pandemic hit in February and things started turning bad. These Republican Senators feel that they shouldn’t abandon their President now since he is the same man who had bettered the economy.

While the intentions of Republicans to support their nominated President are quite loyal despite their disagreements with him, the truth is they know inside their hearts that their popular support isn’t the same as 2019.

Even the military disapproves of the President’s remarks of using force against the protestors of George Floyd’s death. A survey revealed that a total of 700 alumni of the military academy signed a petition of denying Trump’s orders to use force if he issued them.

What Do November 2020 Elections Mean For Republicans?

Honestly, the 2020 elections are more like a trial of Trump and his administration for their misdeeds and less of a re-election opportunity. People are angry at Trump for many reasons. Some are angry at him for being so non-supportive on moral and ethical grounds of People of Color and immigrants in America.

Others are angry at him for his biased economic policies which target the poor. According to media sources, the President was once spotted making a statement which meant that the poor must pay the rich people their due for providing them with employment. Probably the President made such a statement to justify his tax policies, which were penalizing the poor for staying that way and rewarding the rich for working hard.

Apart from these, there is a multitude of reasons why Trump lost his popularity with the American people. These include:

1. His inability to handle the COVID-19 seriously.

2. His personality attacks on his rivals on the international and national levels.

3. His trolling of people highlighting sensitive issues.

4. And his sexist remarks.

All of these are the reasons why slowly and gradually Trump and Republicans lost their popularity to the Democrats.

Is There Any Hope For Republicans?

The only hope for Republicans left now is to bid on issues such as Trump’s diplomatic success in avoiding confrontation with America’s rival countries. Trump’s administration is one of the few American governments which have been able to successfully avoid physical battles and troops installments in other countries.

Other than this, Republicans can build their case on the pre-COVID-19 blossoming economy. After all, it was Trump’s policies that had improved the American job market and economy.

Besides these two points, Republicans don’t have any hope of winning the Senate. Trump’s casual dealing of matters involving human lives has hurt American people’s sentiments. Currently, most of the American nation has become blind to what Trump was able to achieve pre-corona times. They have no regard for his efforts to keep America’s military involvement at least in other countries.

All that people know now is that Trump is a selfish and arrogant man who has no regard for human life whatsoever, except for the white lives. They know him as a man who would resolve to coercive means to get things going his ways.


Until March of 2020, even Democrats themselves were not sure of what future will hold for them. The whole scenario of American politics took a 360 degrees turn within 4 months of the onset of COVID-19.

Almost all leading media houses and political think tanks believe in Democrats’ success in the Senate this time. All this is due to Trump’s inability and the Democrats’ ability to handle the challenges in a human way. No wonder Democrats have gained popularity among the masses since they have been listening to them and showing concern.

BC Editorial Team


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