Are Online Slots a Scam?

 December 15, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

Online slots are some of the most popular casino games at the moment. With a large number of different titles available to players, it’s not a shock that they have created a significant amount of interest. However, many people tend to wonder if they are legitimate. Especially with some of the big prizes that the titles advertise. We have carried out an investigation into whether you can trust online slots or not, and if they are indeed a scam.

Scam Behavior?

Many people do believe that online slots are a scam. With big amounts poured into games through the stake, it’s not a shock that people come to this conclusion. However, the general facts around the game remain that they’re not a scam. Essentially, the way mathematics are used to create online slots can confuse a lot of players. It means that whether you’re trying to grab free spins in New Zealand, or a progressive jackpot in Canada, you will have to understand the mechanics behind the game to have a better chance of doing so.

Random Number Generators

Online slots use random number generators to create how the game is played. This means that every spin in the game is independent of every other spin. So, just because you have been playing a game for a long time, it doesn’t mean that a win is likely to come along soon. On top of this, just because you have put a lot of your stake into a progressive jackpot machine, this doesn’t mean you are going to win the big prize very soon.

What it means, is that whenever a spin is carried out, the game doesn’t think about the spins that have taken place before it. So, essentially you have as much chance of winning a big prize on your first spin, as you do on your 50th spin. The way that the games operate, means that because the chances of grabbing the big wins are very small, it appears that the game takes a long time to award these wins, but really it’s just the way that statistics work.

Does this Make them a Scam?

No, it doesn’t make them a scam, it just means that you need to understand how to play them. Lots of players set the stake level as high as they can, and then just start spinning the reels. What this does, is decrease your chances of getting to the big wins. Because most video slots have the big wins available during the bonus round, players who only budget for a few spins, will have less chance of reaching the bonus round.

With this method of playing, it will burn through the player budget very quickly without offering the opportunity to grab a big win. It means that when you want to play an online slot, then you should look into putting together a more sensible strategy.

This method of slot creation is used by everyone from Microgaming to Red Tiger Gaming, so it’s something that you should be able to use to your advantage on almost any online slot game. Of course, there is no guarantee that you will be able to win when playing an online slot, that’s the whole premise of the games. They offer a chance to grab a big win, but there is no guarantee that this will happen.

Playing Strategies

The first thing that players need to understand, is that to get to the bonus rounds lot of spins need to be made. So, setting your stake level to the highest possible level, is only going to work for you if you have a high budget initially. If you have a lower budget, then you will have to set your stake accordingly.

This means that you need to set your stake to a level that will allow you to get at least 200 spins. With this number of spins, then you should have a decent opportunity to get through to the bonus rounds. This is where the bigger wins will normally take place.

What you should also understand, is that because your stake level has been dropped, so will the potential size of your win. This is even the case with progressive jackpot games, as they won’t always pay out the complete pot depending on the size of stake you play with.

However, online slots usually pay out as a proportion of the stake size. So, your payout will be in relation to the stake you are playing with. It means that there are still some big wins that can be awarded, even when playing with a smaller size stake.

Understanding the Time to Leave

This is something else that people don’t take into account when playing slots. Because the game has a house edge, it means that over time, you will play through your entire stake. So, make sure to realize when you should walk away from the machine.

Set yourself limits at the start, and make sure you stick to them. So, if you hit a certain point in terms of your winnings, then it’s time to walk away then.  Don’t be greedy, just stop spinning the reels, and walk away with a decent sized payout in your pocket.

By the same token, if your budget has been played through make sure to walk away then too. Don’t make an extra deposit to keep playing. Just understand that it wasn’t your day, and it’s time to lick your wounds, and live to play another day.

All of this comes together to make it obvious that video slots aren’t a scam, but they are difficult to play. If you go all out with just a few spins, then there’s a good chance that you will lose your budget. However, if you play more sensibly, then it is possible to beat the odds, and grab a big win.

BC Editorial Team


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