API Technology in Car Industry

 April 21, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

The automobile industry is evolving every day, with new technologies getting added up every year. The industry is transforming before our eyes, and we can witness the transformation clearly. Recent technologies are so advanced that they make vehicles more connected, smarter, shared, efficient, sustainable, and automated. In order to cope up with these new technologies, auto manufacturers, sellers, service centers, and insurers have also started adopting tools that are based upon advanced technologies in order to make their business efficient, customer-friendly, and profitable.

The most famous technology that has become the heart of the automobile industry is APIs. This technology allows us to tap into resources and generate applications. In this article, we will discuss some car sales API, license API, registration API, etc.

What are APIs?

API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface; this is considered to be a software intermediary which enables or allows various applications to talk to each other. When people use Facebook, send an instant text on WhatsApp, or check the weather on the phone, they are using one type of APIs during this process. To make people more clear on how these API works, an example is when an individual uses an application on his/her phone. The application first gets connected to the internet and then sends data to a particular server. Then the server is responsible for retrieving the data, interpreting it, performing the required actions, and then sends it back to the phone. After receiving the data, the application interprets it and then eventually presents it before the person who wanted the information in the first place when he/she opened the application. This is what an API is in today’s world.

Let’s discuss some famous APIs in the automobile industry:-

Hotwire Rental Car Shopping API

The Hotwire Rental Car Shopping API is known for delivering data that helps in describing rental car shopping results which is similar to those results that are shown in hotwire.com when a person searches for rental car rates. Each result that is returned includes a URL in its web address that can get used for viewing additional details. This helps individuals to complete a purchase in hotwire.com without facing many difficulties.

Search French License Plates API

Search French License Plates API is an API that was developed in order to allow individuals to look up car number plates in France; this API will give them all the details that are related to that number within no time.  For instance, if the user of this application enters a car registration plate like ‘2550 MA 64’, the application then searches in its data and gives instant information to the users, including the model of the car, purchase date, registration date, loan, etc. The API takes into use SOAP XML standard format (ASMX), which is ideal for .NET applications but is also considered suitable for PHP.

VinFreeCheck Vin Decoding API

VinFreeCheck Vin Decoding API is considered a huge database containing over 6 million records that provide information regarding vehicle salvage. The VinFreeCheck Vin Decoding API is responsible for allowing developers to decode VIN numbers as well as accurate specifications of the vehicle and the title of the salvage. The VIN decoder is meant to work within North America, Asia, and Europe.

Car Imagery API

The car imagery services offer the users a platform for uploading licensed stock images of cars on their official website. Developers can use the car imagery API to enable the application with a function that will help to search licensed stock photographs of cars by make, model, option, year, and trim. This API is available for the users in two versions, one of which is paid, and the other is free.

Unofficial Tesla Model S API

Tesla Model S JSON is not considered as an official API of Tesla. However, the API was developed based upon Tesla Model S, and it also provided some documents which are being used by IOS and Android apps. This API allows developers in the auto industry to control more than one car at a time because through this API, logged-in users can add up more vehicles at a time. Unofficial Tesla Model S API is like a remote that can be controlled in anybody’s phone; using these controls, one can charge the car, flash the lights, honk the horn, and get reports regarding the remaining charge in the battery one can also open the car doors.

Manheim API

Manheim is considered to be an automobile remarketing company that is involved in wholesaling vehicles in live and online auctions. Manheim API is like a car sales API. The Manheim API is responsible for returning data that informs about the inventory of car dealerships for the developers so that they can integrate vehicle remarketing services into third-party applications. This API is designed in such a way that it can be used for managing auctions, buying and selling cars, and getting information regarding the Inventory of cars.

Edmunds Vehicle

Edmunds offers its users’ pricing guides and reviews of different cars. They also offer vehicle maintenance, guidance, resources, tips, and advice on buying/selling vehicles. They can also guide users through insurance, fuel, economy, and more. The Edmund vehicle API allows developers to access the manufacturing year of cars, style information, true market value, and vehicle incentives that auto manufacturers generally offer. The API is considered to be restful and returns data in the form of JSON/JSONP. Edmund APIs are only offered to the partners and nobody else.


The world is getting advanced every second, so to cope up with the inventions and new technologies, every industry needs to evolve. API is helping the industries that are backward to evolve and leave the traditional ways. Similarly, the auto industry is taking the help of different APIs such as car sales API, registration API, etc., in order to evolve and upgrade their traditional ways of executing work. This will help the management to increase the sales of the cars and will motivate them to plan for expansion in the near future.

BC Editorial Team


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