An Immersive Musical Experience Into Nature: Andrea Bocelli Concert in Teatro Del Silenzio

 February 18, 2023

By  Kyrie Mattos

This summer, live a unique immersion into the music, nature, and Italian culture at the majestic location of Teatro del Silenzio in Lajatico, Tuscany, Italy. The annual concert by the world-renowned tenor Andrea Bocelli surely represents a once-in-a-lifetime experience not only for opera lovers, but also for a broad and various cultural audience since it brings together amazing architecture, landscapes, music, entertainment, and the chance to visit and discover the wonderful area of Volterra.

The huge request for Andrea Bocelli concert at Teatro del Silenzio has made it possible to double the date, not only on 27th July 2023 but also on the 29th of July too. Thanks to this, now you’ve got two chances to take part in this unmissable event.

Surrounded by beautiful sceneries, the highly- anticipated concert is an unmissable occasion to listen to the powerful and moving voice of tenor Andrea Bocelli, who will perform a selection of his most famous songs, spanning from opera to pop world music and some of his new material as an exclusive preview. The maestro will be accompanied by a full orchestra, and some guest appearances are also to be expected. Emotions, energy, and fun in a stunning show with art direction by Alberto Bartalini.

All this will take place in the magical location of Teatro del Silenzio. Created in 2006 by the will of Arch. Alberto Bartalini and Maestro Andrea Bocelli themselves, the “Theatre of Silence” is a venue like no other in the world. On top of a hill and surrounded by the greenery and the vista of the Tuscan hills, the town of Volterra and its crags, the amphitheater blends seamlessly with the environment. It is completely natural, made of white marble, and it includes a small lake, with a monumental sculpture by a contemporary artist in the center that changes every year.

A unique spot to enjoy art and music while truly connecting with nature.

This concert is not only the perfect event to witness the live performance of national and international characters of the bel canto, music, and dance, but it’s also a great chance to explore and get to know the special area of Lajatico and the Volterran hinterland in the heart of Tuscany. With Arianna and Friends tickets, you can choose from a wide variety of packages that include visits to Florence, Pisa, and San Gimignano, the cradle of Renaissance and Baroque architecture, art, and culture.

And to complete your experience of real Italian culture, you can book dinners and aperitifs, too. Andrea Bocelli’s concert at Teatro del Silenzio will offer you the music, but a tour into nearby towns and villages will offer you a taste of delicious local products like wine, olive oil, and truffles, and local dishes like lampredotto, ribollita soup or cantucci biscuits.

A good meal, a spectacular venue, and the music of one of the best tenors in the world will make you immersed in the exquisiteness of this experience.

Kyrie Mattos


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