A Rundown of Immerse Gaming Experiences in 2023

 January 26, 2023

By  Kyrie Mattos

The future of gaming is here, with AR and VR experiences set to take the industry by storm. Virtual reality headsets are already very popular, with devices such as the Oculus Quest 2 selling in huge numbers in 2022.

While there are still barriers to such a form of gaming for the general public, and there is a debate about augmented vs virtual being the best form of immersive entertainment, this industry is here to stay. Virtual reality is already a billion-dollar sector and will become a trillion-dollar one in the next decade.

The average gamer may not care about the most cutting-edge VR or AR technologies, but they do want to know about the most interesting and immersive gaming experiences on these headsets.

Below is a rundown of a few interesting VR games you can try through PC VR or on your Oculus headset.

Beat Saber

When you first buy a virtual reality headset and decide on a game to buy, you may want to choose Beat Saber. There are other VR games that are arguably more immersive and in-depth, but Beat Saber is so much fun that it is the best way to introduce oneself to virtual reality.

The concept of Beat Saber is very simple. Think of the game as a combination of exercise and guitar hero. You are using the controllers that come with your headset in a virtual environment to hit musical notes and keys as they appear in front of you from all angles.

Most people who try Beat Saber for the first time state that it is an intense workout, especially if they are playing a fast-paced song. You can always choose slower songs if you want to take it easy. 

Such a game is great for solo VR gaming and when you are having a game night with the whole family.

Eleven Table Tennis

Anyone who is a fan of sports games should pick up Eleven Table Tennis when they buy a VR headset. Such a game is leaps and bounds above any other sports titles on the stores of the Oculus Quest and even PC VR headsets.

Much like other VR games, Eleven Table Tennis has a relatively simple presentation. When you load up the game, you see a menu and a table tennis table in the foreground. You can move around the table to ensure you have the ideal angle in your room to play without hitting anything.

Then you can load up a game against the computer or another player online and start playing. You use one of the controllers as a paddle and the other to throw the ball each time you start a point.

Third-party developers have even released attachments for your VR controller, enabling you to play Eleven Table Tennis as though you have a real paddle in your hands.

Everybody’s Golf VR

Another sports game that is taking the VR world by storm, Everybody’s Golf VR is an exciting game you can play on nearly any VR headset. All you need is a controller, and you are good to go, but you can even buy an accessory that makes it seem as though you are using a real golf club when you are playing.

Everybody’s Golf allows you to enter virtual golf courses, where you can play in the same way you would at a regular course. You do not have to move around the course, but you can hit shots with equal intensity, as the virtual courses are full-sized.

Many players remark that when they play this game, it genuinely feels as if they are playing golf. That does mean that if you have never played golf in real life, you may have a hard time getting comfortable with the mechanics of the game. For those who enjoy at-home golf, VR can take this experience to a new level.

Half-Life: Alyx

One of the most popular computer gaming franchises of all time, Half-Life, has come to virtual reality this year. While fans may have to wait a little longer for Half-Life 3, they do have Half-Life Alyx to keep them company for now.

The game has you playing as Alyx Vance, the famed protagonist of the series. If you enjoyed the Half-Life games on your computer, you are set for an even better and more immersive experience on your VR headset.

The benefit of playing the game in this mode is that you feel as if you are in the real world of Half-Life. You are moving around within that world, you are engaging with enemies in real-time, and you are truly a part of the story in a way that is not possible with regular games.

Kyrie Mattos


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