A professional player or a gambler?

 February 23, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

By definition, a player is someone who takes the risk of an uncertain outcome in the hope of gaining a benefit, monetary or otherwise. Online casino offers the opportunity to gamble. It is a fact that they appeal to many people because anyone can make easy money in seconds.

What matters most is the way everyone treats the concept of gambling. First of all, it is very important to know why you are playing. Are you playing for fun? Do you play to make a profit? And when you know the reason you play, on what basis do you choose the game you will play? Whatever the answer, the only sure thing is that data defines what kind of player you are, and we will analyze that below.

Characteristics of a gambler

1) He has an unrealistic view of how good he is.

2) He tries at all costs to immediately recover what he lost by betting more each time.

3) He has a selective memory of his victories and especially of his defeats.

4) Blames other players for his losses.

5) Plays based on short-term observations such as “cold” and “hot” numbers.

6) Plays according to prejudices and superstitions.

7) He is open to tips on how to play from other players.

8) Plays based on emotion.

9) In the end, he inevitably loses.

Characteristics of a professional player

The definition of a professional is an expert who has specialized knowledge and skills in a field aimed at professional development or a source of income. A professional player is one who always wins in the long run through knowledge, skill, and above all discipline, the complete opposite of a gambler. Decisions are made based on a well-defined and mathematically proven strategy. Relying on the confidence and strength of a real advantage repetitive exercise, a professional makes consistent right decisions even when he loses. No one is above the math of the game. He does not care if he was lucky or unlucky or how good people think he is. The only thing that matters is that he possesses the knowledge, skills, and attitude to create chances that benefit his advantage.

Blackjack and dependent events

Blackjack, if you play it correctly, offers you a 49.5% chance of winning, which means that it automatically makes it one of the fairest online games, if not the fairest. Why is it possible to win at blackjack? Because it is a game based on dependent events. This means that what happens in the past has an impact on what happens in the future. For example, if you play a single deck and the four aces are dealt in the first round, the chances of playing blackjack drop to 0%. As the cards come out, the odds are always changing. If blackjack offers the best odds on any casino game, why do 95% of players end up losing? Because the vast majority of players are gamblers.

Roulette – is it just luck?

The term “professional roulette player” can never be realistic. The reason is very simple. Roulette is a game based solely on luck, and each event has nothing to do with the previous or the next. None of the popular systems guarantee victory in the long run. Many are particularly dangerous for the loss of your entire capital. However, some details can increase your chances of winning. Undoubtedly, as fun as roulette is by its nature, the combination with a win is a very nice feeling. But in the long run;

1. Avoid playing American Roulette

The existence of the second green zero reception ( 00 ) doubles the casino rake from the 2.70% that the European has to the 5.26% that the American has.

2. French Roulette is the best for the player

If you have the option of French Roulette available and want to keep the casino advantage to a minimum, I recommend you play French Roulette due to the “En Prison” or “La Partage” rules. This form of Roulette has the lowest rake, especially in outdoor bets at 1.35%.

3. Bet only on black/red external bets.

I know it’s more fun to bet on favorite numbers that matter to you, but that comes at the highest rake price that internal bets have in general.

4. Capital management

As in any game, in roulette the capital management is a key factor in whether we will always, in the long run, winners of a game in the casino. Read above the main capital management tips we mention in blackjack as they are similar in every game where our chances are a little lower than 50%.


You don’t need special skills to try your luck at slots, but there are some tips you can follow in order to increase your chances for a good session.

1. Choose your slot carefully

No slot machine is the same as the other. Every one of them has their own concept, their own sounds, and symbols. Most important of all is that each slot has a different payout. In simpler words, it has a different rate of return to the player. This applies to all slots on the payroll. So, it’s beneficial for you to choose a slot that is exciting and fun, but at the same time, with a high return rate.

2. Study the payroll

Each slot machine has its own separate payment table. This table shows the value of each symbol so you can see which ones are the least profitable. Also, in this table you can see if the slot you have chosen has wild and scatter symbols.

3. Aim for small Jackpots

Games with smaller jackpots tend to pay more often, so if you are more interested in winning than chasing big prizes, games with smaller jackpots are ideal. We know that huge progressive jackpots are tempting, but your chances of winning one are not very good!

4. Do not extend yourself beyond your budget

One of the most important tips we can give you is to define an available chapter before you start playing. Do not start rampant spins until you have decided what is the maximum amount you are prepared to spend. If you reach this amount, stop playing! Never bet money you can’t bear to lose!

BC Editorial Team


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