A Guide to Help You Buy a Cocktail Wedding Dress

 August 15, 2022

By  Kyrie Mattos

There are a couple of things that you should be aware of before you buy a wedding dress. Remember that it can be quite embossing to show up for a wedding dressed improperly. And the term cocktail wedding dress can be confusing to some people. No wonder you can find some people attending weddings but wearing attires that show too much skin. This is the reason why it makes sense to know the details about cocktail dresses so that you can arrive at a wedding looking respectfully, sharp, and ready to have a good time. This article is a guide to help you buy a cocktail wedding dress.

A cocktail wedding dress

There is a good chance that you can’t wait to dress up for the wedding of your loved one or friend. Today, cocktail wedding dresses, such as cocktail wedding dresses with sleeves, are at the center of many people’s fashion dream boards. Glamour tends to be the go-to theme for most weddings, and many people are choosing glitzy cocktail attire as the dress code. This is because cocktail attire brings the party mood to the wedding ceremony, reception, cocktail hour, and many more.  

A cocktail dress for a wedding is a classic for good reasons, though they can also be modern. Regardless of whether you intend to show the luxury of the past decades or just to switch it up with some great new silhouette, you can find a wedding dress for each style. 

By now you may be wondering what this cocktail wedding dress is all about. Well, you should note that a cocktail dress is playful, versatile, and stylish. These dresses first came into the limelight of fashion trends many decades ago to become quite popular for most people who like parties. Since then, a cocktail dress tends to provide the right balance between formal and semi-formal dress codes. You can wear a cocktail dress for both evening events and special events. 

A cocktail dress for weddings usually leans towards the formal side of dress codes, though this doesn’t mean that you can’t wear them to bring some personality to your appearance. Because there are no strict rules, you can decide to play around with prints, colors, silhouettes, and textures. 

You should not think that a cocktail dress is right for a wedding event. Also, a cocktail dress for a wedding can be dressed down or up with a couple of key accessories, making it perfect for almost everything, such as a dressy casual beach event. 

But you should always check the dress code before you purchase a cocktail wedding dress on your invitation. Ideally, if the dress code requires you to wear anything rather than semi-formal, then it’s not a good idea to buy a cocktail dress for the wedding.  

On the other hand, if the dress code allows you to wear cocktail attire, then you should check the venue of the wedding and season to have a good idea about how you can style your cocktail dress. Because a cocktail dress for a wedding tends to lean more towards formal dresses, you need to dress it for the event to give the right level of sparkle.

Women have a couple of options when it comes to cocktail weddings. They can decide to wear skirts or tea-length formal dresses, but some of them can feel more comfortable wearing pantsuits. And, if you go for a skirt or suit, you need to wear a jacket. But you should not wear ultra bold patterns for traditional weddings. Also, don’t wear white attire, though you can wear something that has hints of cream or white.

Determining what to wear to a wedding

Besides asking other invited guests about the wedding dress code, you can check the wedding invitation. Some wedding invitations can clearly say the dress code is cocktail attire, but others adhere to dress code titles. If the dress code indicates a white tie, then usually, a woman needs to wear a full-length gown. Remember that they are often rare, but they are common with the very wealthy or celebrities.

If you are looking for the right dress option, then you have to choose something that fits your personality and style. And, keep in mind that the dress should be something that is appropriate for the wedding. This can depend on the venue, but you should find a dress that goes above the knee or a tea-length. If you decide to show skin, then there should be a balance. An off-the-shoulder dress is great with a longer silhouette. And, lower cut necklines can also be fine for some weddings, though you should avoid pairing it with a high slit. 

The good news is that if you receive a wedding invitation that says you should wear cocktail attire, it means you can have a bit of freedom. When it comes to footwear, there is a misconception that women need to wear high heels. While classic primary-colored pumps are usually a great option, you can also choose ballet or jeweled flats. Remember that there is a good chance that you can end up taking off high heels at some point during a wedding event. 

Most guests forget to wear accessories when it comes to cocktail attire. But accessories can be a good way you can tie up your appearance, and you can decide to remove them when you want to dress down. Colored bracelets, necklaces with an excellent chain, and drop earrings are great options. Some women can also choose a clutch. In such a case, you need to choose a clutch that complements or matches your cocktail attire. 

If you select a patterned dress, choose a solid color clutch. If you don’t have the entire ensemble to meet the wedding’s requirements of cocktail attire, there are several things you can do. Regardless of whether you intend to purchase a new dress or accessories, you can find the best deals on the market. Therefore, you should contact the other wedding guests of the same event to know where they purchased their cocktail attires.

Kyrie Mattos


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