A Guide To 75 Ball Bingo

 September 14, 2020

By  BC Editorial Team

Gambling has been in evidence throughout the history of man. It has been discovered by historians that civilizations such as the ancient Greeks and the Romans all invented gambling games. Therefore, in today’s hi tech world it comes as no surprise to discover that gambling is still extremely popular and widespread in modern society. The history of all the gambling games we love can be taken for granted as you visit an online no deposit bingo casino or virtual Bing room and play to your heart’s content.

Bingo Origins

Although Bingo may not be the most popular of current gambling games it is still played by an estimated 100 million people, across the globe. Like other forms of gambling, Bingo has an interesting backstory. It is thought that Italy was the birthplace of Bingo and a popular lottery game called Giuoco Lotto Italia is actually credited with creating the modern Bingo game we play today. Despite this lottery game dating back to 1530, its basic concept can still be seen in modern Bingo and more especially the 90-ball version. This popular lottery game was introduced to other countries where it underwent subtle changes. The French modified the game and this was the version that eventually hit British shores.

The Digital Revolution

During the digital revolution Bingo began to appear online, along with all other forms of gambling. This did affect Bingo Halls but all forms of this popular game remained intact during this transformative period. In fact, slightly new versions were added to the mix but the basic games of 30- ball, 75-ball 80-ball and 90-ball bingo all remained available to play.

75-Ball Bingo

In 75-ball Bingo one ticket is a grid containing 25 squares made of 5 rows and 5 columns. Each square contains a pre picked number from one to 75, apart from the very center square that contains a star instead. The chosen numbers are between 1 and 75 and winning is simply down to random numbers, being picked by a computer online or bingo ball machine in house. Pricing varies, but is clearing visible online and buying a ticket can be completed with a simple tap of a computer key.

Prizes Available

The actual prize fund depends on the amount of players taking part, obviously if you play at peak times then fairly substantial jackpots can develop. Each pattern bingo game will have varying prizes and these often include full line patterns and of course the full house. Other winning combinations include full row numbers up down or diagonally. 75-ball Bingo is very popular in the United States and there are quite a few variations of this game that are played here.

Final Thoughts

It is not clear why 75-ball Bingo is so popular in the United States but chances are that if you ever go on holiday across the pond and indulge in some Bingo action, this will be the game that you will encounter most frequently. It’s a little different when it comes to winning combinations and this makes it interesting.

BC Editorial Team


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