8 Best Blogs Every Student Must Follow

 July 21, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

We live in a world where educated and talented people have better opportunities and lead more successful lives. And while it is true that you can learn a lot in classrooms, you don’t have to restrict your education to what your teacher tells you.

Nowadays, education is highly vital for the development and transition of young people into our fast-paced society. You can see the impacts in the way students turn to do my papers for me services or blogs for help with schoolwork.

Blogs are great alternatives for students to get information from because they:

  • Encourage autonomous learning by allowing students to take more control of their education.
  • Are easy to follow in comparison with highly controlled school lectures.
  • Help pupils to improve their reading and writing skills.
  • Sharpen younger pupils’ understanding of the web.

In today’s article, we’ll look at the eight best blogs students must follow. These blogs should be beneficial to you, no matter the minor or major you are pursuing.

1. Edutopia

Edutopia is a reputable source that focuses on education. The blog demonstrates how students can adopt best practices while also featuring real-world examples of innovation and continual learning.

Edutopia is a part of the George Lucas Educational Foundation, which caters to educators and students in grades K-12. The blog aims to create information that enhances learning and keeps students engaged.

So to improve the field of project-based learning, Edutopia collaborates with researchers, teachers, and curriculum specialists.

2. Student Minds Blog

Student Minds is the UK’s most popular blog about student mental health and university life. The blog focuses on the idea that students should have a safe space to talk about their experiences dealing with mental illness.

The blog also covers a wide range of topics, allowing students and recent graduates to share the workings of their minds and other challenges. They can talk about the steps they’re taking to make a difference, and many users have received help in one way or the other from the blog.

3. MindShift KQED

KQED News’ MindShift is a service that was introduced in 2010 by KQED and NPR. MindShift focuses on technology and makes extensive use of data and research in its content.

Firstly, it features a special section on games and learning and how apps transform the way children learn basic skills and knowledge.

Secondly, MindShift has a diverse population of instructors, parents, lawmakers, and life-long learners who interact with one another in meaningful ways.

Finally, the blog is a go-to platform for scholars seeking up-to-date information in different fields.

4. Inside Higher Ed

Inside Higher Ed is a fantastic resource for everyone interested in higher education, especially job seekers. The blog covers admissions, books, technology, career advice, and diversity.

In the higher education arena, they also offer a lot of webinars and research. In fact, many see Inside Higher Ed as the leading source for the most up-to-date higher education news, analysis, and services.

5. Homeroom

Homeroom is the official blog of the United States Department of Education. The blog’s primary goal is to keep the dialogue going about education concerns in the United States.

So it comes as no surprise that Homeroom is an excellent resource and destination for anyone working in education in the US to keep up with current concerns.

Individuals can contribute their knowledge through comments, suggestions, and criticism on the topics that are still ongoing.

6. Classroom 2.0

The goal of Classroom 2.0 is to incorporate social media and web 2.0 into the classroom. It’s more than just a place to find material — it also serves as a social network for teachers interested in learning to use the internet for research in classes.

The blog has groups that you may join and interact with at various schools. There are also numerous informative videos available on the platform. Finally, these features contribute to why Classroom 2.0 has nearly 78,000 members from 199 countries, providing a wide range of educational viewpoints.

7. TeacherTube

TeacherTube is an online community where teachers can share educational videos. The platform is a great place to learn from other instructors, whether they work in a classroom or at home.

You can also use photographs, videos, and audio recordings in your lessons. There is also the option of joining different groups since theme-based forums like TeacherTube rely on collaboration and education for and by teachers.

8. The Healthy Hangover

The Healthy Hangover is a delicious student food blog that features recipes, reviews, and how-tos. You can find simple, healthy, and vintage recipes on this blog.

James Wragg, a final year student at the University of Brighton and a student blogger, runs The Healthy Hangover.

Also, you can find other life hacks like “How to Save Money on Your Student Food Shop” on the blog. In the end, if you’re a student looking to improve your culinary skills, you should spend some time on The Healthy Hangover.

Final Thoughts

Blogs are becoming indispensable resources for students worldwide as the world becomes more of a global village. They make it easier to learn a specific topic, build knowledge, and work to improve skills.

Reading blogs allows you to communicate with others, put your perspective before the community, and shine a new light on specific topics. It also helps you understand from the perspective of others. So, if you’re looking to learn from blogs, check out the sites mentioned in this list.

BC Editorial Team


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