7 Tech Developments That Have Revolutionized Online Gaming

 June 22, 2020

By  BC Editorial Team

Gaming is a totally different experience than it was back in the eighties when it first crossed into the mainstream. Developing technology has been used to create new and impressive features.

These features are too numerous to mention in one article. So, let’s take a look at seven of the developments that have made the most difference.

ID confirmation from a bank account

Online casino play is big business in many countries. Brands are continually looking for ways to attract and engage with new players. For players in Finland, this has led to the introduction of instant casinos or pikakasinot as they are called in the Finnish language.

Players can verify their identity directly from their bank account. This improves the convenience of the playing experience as there is no need to complete any registration forms.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition has become a major deal in the world of gaming. Players can recreate their own likeness in the gaming universe, to create an avatar that is customized to the way they want it.

In addition, the technology exists that can recognize emotions from expressions and adapt gameplay accordingly. This is a pretty impressive development.

Voice recognition

Voice recognition has become an integral part of modern life, with the development of smart homes. In the world of gaming, players are not just able to switch games on using their voice.

They can also operate games using voice control. This means that there is often no need to pick up a controller. Voice control does not stop here. Players can also search the Internet and interact on social media using their voice.

High definition

Graphics are one of the most important features of the gaming experience. If they lack quality and creativity then players are disappointed. However, it’s not just about the graphics. In order to get the best possible visuals, gamers need to use high-quality displays.

High definition has helped to make this possible. When Ultra 4K capabilities first arrived in TVs and laptops, the prices of the equipment were prohibitive for many gamers. This is no longer the case. Prices have reduced and the 4K experience is readily available to all gamers.

Virtual Reality

Today, there is more choice than ever when it comes to VR. Depending on what players want, there are headsets that are compatible with Playstation VR or more advanced products like the Valve Index.

There is also a big variety of VR games to choose from. The more VR moves into the mainstream, the more the variety of games increases. This includes everything from puzzle games to shooters. There is something for gamers of all tastes.


Wearables started to be used in the area of fitness applications. However, technology has now started to be adapted for gaming. This is good news for gamers who can easily take their gaming experiences with them wherever they go. This development has turned gaming devices into an extension of the player’s own body.

Live Streaming

Live streaming has completely revolutionized the world of gaming and San Francisco based Twitch is at the head of the field. The platform is a favorite with gamers who want to have a live audience for their play.

Some of the best gamers are even able to monetize their play as they develop themselves as a brand with their audience. Live streaming also helps to promote further growth in the global gaming market by taking gaming to a wider audience.

In summary

Online gaming is a massive industry internationally. Its growth continues as technology helps to keep players engaged and attracts more people to the world of online gaming.

The technology discussed in this article has all improved the online experience for gamers. It has done this in several ways including improving the visual quality of games and the ease of playing.

The instigation of live streaming, in particular, is vitally important to the present and future of gaming. It allows players to promote their gameplay and to share their experiences with others. It also helps to create a whole new group of gamers as people see the excitement of the gaming experience and want to be part of it.

BC Editorial Team


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