7 Places to Live Near Los Angeles Without Living in the City

 December 20, 2022

By  Kyrie Mattos

Moving to Los Angeles comes with many benefits. With public transportation, a bustling city, and lots of job opportunities, people continue to flock to the area. But some people don’t enjoy the big city life and would prefer a slower pace. And with more and more opportunities allowing for working from home at least a few days a week, more Californians are looking for homes and lives just outside of Los Angeles. They want proximity to all the good things the city offers, but perhaps a home in the mountains or near the beach instead. Here are 7 places to live that are near Los Angeles but not directly in the city.


For Californians who love to ski or snowboard, Wrightwood is the place to be. Located in an idyllic valley in the San Gabriel mountains, this town is easily accessible from Los Angeles and only about 75 miles away. When you want a getaway that feels like living in a Christmas village, or you want to be among the 4,000-5,000 people who live here year-round, Wrightwood boasts a small but fun community.

Westlake Village

With a beautiful lake at its center, Westlake Village is a popular town in Los Angeles County that borders the city of LA. People look for houses for sale in Westlake Village CA, to stay close to the city, yet have access to wide open spaces and hiking trails. The canyons receive cool ocean breezes that can even make the climate feel about 10 degrees cooler and, therefore, more comfortable during the hot summer months.


Surrounded by pine trees and the San Jacinto mountains, Idyllwild is a truly idyllic little town. Residents have worked hard to keep the small-town feel, and that includes only having locally-owned restaurants and stores instead of chains. You can head out for quick day hikes or do some overnight backpacking to get away from city life. Residents love the proximity to Los Angeles for work or play but enjoy the serene daily life that living in the mountains offers them.


Are you more of a beach person than a mountain person? Then head out to Catalina Island to the resort town of Avalon. You can only access this town by boat or airplane, so you probably wouldn’t be able to commute to Los Angeles every day if you lived here. People love the beach, the shops, the restaurants, and the stunning views that make Avalon a great little spot to live in or to simply visit when they live nearby.

Hermosa Beach

For a town with a SoCal surfer vibe, why not check out Hermosa Beach? You can catch live jazz music or catch some waves. Walk the pier or visit any of the local stores. For beachgoers, you can usually catch a game of volleyball, soak up some sun, or play in the water all while enjoying the amazing ocean views.

People move to Hermosa Beach for easy access to the ocean while also being close to city amenities. And the ocean breezes help keep the air cleaner so that most days you won’t have to breathe in smog like you would in LA.


The town of Ojai has become known for its wine, Yoga, and spas that make it the perfect getaway or the perfect place to live. It’s located in Ventura county, northwest of Los Angeles. While you can easily get to the city any day of the week, you can also live in beautiful architecture surrounded by trees and mountains. You’ll find local foods at the farmers’ markets and a variety of small businesses that make this area a great spot for Californians who want a different pace of life, great schools, and a fun family atmosphere. Build a home in Ojai, or buy one, but check it out if you’re looking for a great town near LA.


Solvang is a unique town in southern California because of its Danish architecture. People feel like they’ve stepped into another country when they visit or stay to live. You can visit a café near a windmill or enjoy fresh Danish pastries at local bakeries. There are also places that serve the best California wines for you to enjoy. If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy the California sunshine without the Los Angeles traffic, then look at homes in Solvang. It’s a quaint but bustling small town with a unique feel. 

Kyrie Mattos


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