6 Ways to Practice Mindfulness

 July 19, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

Do you get easily agitated at the smallest of things? Is your mood a dull numbness from everyday mundanity? Do your unwanted thoughts whizz around your mind when you switch off your bedside light at night?

The day can often pass you by without you really noticing it, or worse – without you truly enjoying it for what it’s worth. Modern life is way too chaotic for us to have a chance to pause, take it all in, and smile at the positives.

That’s why you should practice mindfulness to build a stronger, more resilient mind that helps you become a happier and calmer person. Science literally tells us that mindfulness improves your mood, helps you sleep better, and fights anxiety and depression.

Let’s look at 6 ways you can start practicing mindfulness. It’s time to mute your sabotaging inner monologue and find some inner peace!

1. Be mindful through creativity

Never underestimate the power of creativity. There’s something freeing about tapping into your creative processes and letting your imagination run wild, whether it’s through dancing, writing, or arts and crafts like painting. Painting isn’t just for experienced artists either – a paint by numbers is a super-effective way of creating your first painting piece even when you’re an unsure amateur.

2. Be mindful with meditation

We busy bees often run on autopilot with no free space throughout the day to contemplate what’s going on around us. Even if it’s just for 15 minutes a day, you should take the time to sit with your feelings and notice your emotions. Yoga is an especially wonderful way to meditate!

Rewire your brain and knock the fast-paced ‘no-time-to-think’ habits out of gear. Shift your thought patterns to a more controlled and steady way of thinking instead.

3. Be mindful whilst cooking

For some, cooking is a stressful daily task that’s easily avoided. But the truth is, your valuable time in the kitchen should be therapeutic. Trying out recipes is an opportunity to learn new skills, get creative, and have fun whilst you’re at it. So when dinner time comes around, stick on some music and try to enjoy yourself. What’s more, you’ll have a plate of something rewarding and delicious at the end.

4. Be mindful when working out

We all know how exercise works wonders on your mental health – but have you ever considered it as a highly effective opportunity to be mindful? Whatever activity you’re doing, whether it’s running, swimming, or cycling, exercise activates the positive parts of your brain and helps synchronize your mind and body. Focus on your breathing and channel your energy into the workout.

5. Be mindful when driving

Practicing mindfulness whilst driving might seem like an obscure and seemingly impossible task for anyone that’s easily distracted with road rage. But being on the road is actually a great place to calm your nerves and sit with your thoughts. Take a deep breath and ask yourself important self-reflection questions. This is your space and time to bring balance to your inner turmoil.

BC Editorial Team


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