6 Custom Made Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Girlfriend With

 July 19, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

Customized Gifts Represent Your Care And Affection For The Person

When you are thinking of gifting your girlfriend, a customized gift can be a great choice. Not only does it let her know that you have put in some extra effort to come up with the gift but also makes her understand that you know her better. For most people customized gifts can be daunting as you have to think of all the aspects and ensure that your girlfriend likes them. Below are some sure-shot custom-made gift ideas that you can give your girlfriend and be assured that she will like them.


There’s something about jewelry that women always like. Small and delicate pieces of jewelry can enhance the look of an entire outfit. If your girlfriend likes accessories, then Handmade Earrings or necklaces will be a perfect choice. When buying jewelry the color is the most important factor to consider. You can look for gemstones or crystals to match the color that your partner likes. There are a thousand types of gemstones and each of them has its own meaning. If you are getting custom jewelry made then not only does the stone but also the metal part of it matters. Choose customized jewelry for your girlfriend that has a meaning attached to it so that she too can relate to the sentimental value.

Some of the common stones for jewelry are Abalone, amazonite, apatite, aquamarine, bloodstone, agate, citrine, garnet, jade, and turquoise. Earring and necklaces are a safe bet as you won’t have to worry about the size. However, if you are getting a ring or bracelet made then you should ensure that you have the correct size.


After jewelry, the next best thing to get for your girlfriend is a beautiful custom-made dress that is made to fit her and only her. Well, this is not quite easy but it isn’t as hard as you think. The first thing to remember is that she has to like it. You will need to know the colors she likes along with measurements. Though you may know the general size of her dress or top, bear in mind that sizes change from one designer to another. Your best option is to stealthily get hold of one of her well-fitted dresses and take it to the tailor with you. You also need to find out what kind of material your girlfriend enjoys wearing. Finding all this information can take a little extra effort on your side but will completely be worth it.

Once you have the basic details, then it’s time to decide the style of dress you want for her. It can be casuals, formals, or occasional wear. You can research the latest designs of every style by designers online and pick one that would suit her.


You can hardly go wrong with cosmetics. Every girl has her favorite, lip gloss, lipstick, or other cosmetics that she likes to use every day. You can easily put a few cosmetics together and make a customized cosmetic gift box for her. However, for some people shopping for make-up can be tricky. Especially if you have no idea about it. That being said, you can get the basics that are easy to understand and quite universal. A protective primer cream is the first step of the skincare routine and helps the make-up to last longer. An eye shadow palette is something that you just go wrong with no matter what the taste of your girlfriend for colors is. The palettes have a mix of neutral, shiny, and sparkly shades so she can choose easily.

Instead of a gift box, you can pack the make-up items in a leather vanity case. These cases can easily be taken in the gym bag or a carry-on purse and ensure that all her makeup essentials are in one place.


This one can be hard but a brave decision to make. For some women, shoes are a big deal and if you can get a customized one that she likes then she will surely be very grateful. Take along one of her shoes that she seems most comfortable to wear for getting the right size. You can easily find a shoemaker and take a design from the internet that is trending. Big names like Marc Fisher and so on have some amazing shoe styles that can be customized.

While you are at it, throw in a pedicure with the shoes so she can get her toenails done and wear her pretty shoes to go with it.

Spa Basket

If there’s something women love a lot, then it is to treat themselves with different spa products. A gift basket full of relaxing spa products is sure to keep her in a cheerful mood for a long time to come. You can look for relaxing bath bombs, body creams, face masque, eye pads, and face creams. There are many themes when it comes to spa baskets, like fruits, floral, aqua, and so on. Choose one theme and stick to it instead of mixing and matching too many varied items.

Team it up with some refreshing candles, soft flippers, and a luscious bathing robe to let her have the complete feel of relaxing in a good spa.

Kitchen Accessories

Most women love to cook. You can make their cooking experience even better by gifting them some nice accessories or even recipe books. There is always space for some nice crockery or tea sets. You can get the latest gadgets which they can use in their daily life. You can also make a customized gift box of herbs and spices that they can use when they are experimenting with new recipes.

To bring the gift a notch higher, get them training with one of their favorite chefs so they can enhance their skills.

Though a common trauma remains that women are hard to shop for. It is actually not so. When you get the basics right it is actually a matter of putting in extra thought and you will have a surprise gift for her that will make her appreciate your effort even more.

BC Editorial Team


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