6 Clean Girl Makeup Tips

 November 6, 2022

By  BC Editorial Team

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What are the contents of your makeup bag? Your beauty routine has most likely evolved significantly in response to the “new normal,” which is anything but ordinary. Even for the most ardent beauty enthusiasts, life got in the way, causing many of us to reconsider how we put our daily faces together.

The clean girl aesthetic has recently become popular. For a good reason: it’s an elevated take on no-makeup face makeup that makes it look effortless. Clean girl makeup features glowy skin, glossy lips, fluffy brows, and minimal eye makeup. The days of heavy contouring and baking are long gone. Instead, the minimalist style is popular. What’s more, the best part? It’s a relatively simple look that can be achieved with only a few products, regardless of who you are.

This vibe is appropriate when you want a simple look that doesn’t require many products. This look can be completed in about 15-20 minutes. Follow these expert makeup tips for an effortless yet put-together makeup look.

  1. Prep Skincare is crucial in achieving this look, both on the day and over time. After all, those products take time to work. However, you should take a few essential steps before applying makeup. After cleansing, a fresh slough of dead skin cells and debris can provide an instant glow. To remove the dullness, use an exfoliating toner or treatment. Next, it’s time to break out the peptide-rich essences, hyaluronic serums, and light moisturizers. Finally, apply each product in a layering fashion, from thinnest to thickest, and allow each layer to absorb and settle.
  2. Concealer – Apply your favorite lightweight and dewy concealer or foundation to the areas you want to brighten or conceal, such as your inner eye corners, sides of the nose, center of the chin and forehead, corners of the mouth, right beneath your brow bone, and any breakouts you want to conceal. Blend upward with a damp beauty sponge to lift the face.
  3. Contour – To enhance your natural features, contour the cheeks but keep the edges blended and natural. Though not everyone is blessed with high cheekbones, experiment with cream contour sticks to find and blend your cheeks’ natural hollows. Then, to achieve an effortless sun-kissed look, apply a cream blush across the cheeks and a little over the nose. Finally, try blending the product with your fingertips; the heat from your fingers will melt the product into the skin, leaving you with a radiant sheen of color that radiates from within.
  4. Brows & Lashes – Make your natural features stand out with a feathered brow. Brush the hairs up and diagonally, focusing on the natural and lifted appearance of the brows. A quick swipe of mascara to lift the lashes also helps.
  5. Lips – In the clean girl makeup look, you don’t need to fill in your lips with lip liner, lipstick, or lip gloss. Choose a perfect matte finish lipstick in a neutral shade that will go with most of your dresses. Choose a brand that lasts all day to avoid reapplying lipstick on the lips frequently. Wear the lipstick on your natural lips rather than trying to make them appear fuller or more prominent. If your lips are too small and you want to make them appear larger, draw an X in the middle of the lower and upper lip with the lip-liner pencil. Cover the entire lip with lipstick to make the middle part appear plump and large.
  6. Hair – Maintain the cleanliness and shine of your hair. You can also slick it back if you prefer. The appearance of well-kept hair is essential. Some beauty babes slick their hair into a sleek bun with dry shampoo and hair treatments. The key to any style is neatness and slickness.

We love that clean girl makeup is popular because it celebrates embracing and enhancing who you are and your natural features rather than covering it up and changing the way you look. It’s also practical and suitable for everyday use, so it’ll fit into any lifestyle.

BC Editorial Team


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