5 Tips on Perfecting Your Admission Essay

 July 30, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

An admission essay resembles a motivation letter that applicants usually attach to their resumes. Both of these writings aim to demonstrate the applicant’s skills in logical structuring, writing, goal-setting as well as inner motivation.

This application can be the most difficult and most important text any student ever has to write. Application, also known as introduction or admission essay, usually takes two or three pages of writing. Besides the grades, it has a direct impact on the fact of enrollment.

Various educational institutions post topics in the admissions section of their websites. Questions depend on how you submit documents: directly to the university or through platforms. The more prestigious the university, the more complex topics they suggest.

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Define the Purpose of Your Admission Essay

Basically, this is a chance to speak directly with the enrolment board and tell them who you are and how much you want to enroll in the educational institution. Yet, it is not a biography or a mere expression of motivation. Before writing, one should clearly see the ultimate goal.

Different educational institutions give preference to different personal characteristics in their students. For example, those who want to go to Columbia University need to demonstrate that they are interested in world problems and have an informed opinion on any issue.

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What the Committee Members Would Want to See?

Well, first of all, they are looking for proof that the student is skilled in writing. It is essential to write clearly and concisely. They also want to know whether the applicant will fit into the student community. Also, they are interested directly in your success in studying due to its connection to the rating of the educational institution.

Use a Step-By-Step Work Plan

  • Look up samples on the web.
  • Prepare a draft outline and bullet points.
  • Make a plan and write a draft. Answer all the questions posed (if any).
  • Do not repeat the question when writing an answer in the text.
  • Make sure the text reflects the given topic. Give reasons for the statements.
  • Pay more attention to the introduction – it must be original and engaging.
  • Write legibly. Double-check whether the text is readable.
  • The essay should have both short and long sentences.
  • Write in the first person.
  • Be honest and confident.


Tell at length why you decided to enroll in this particular institution/program. The board will notice these reasons, so pick them carefully. The applicants should not reveal information that would make them look unfocused or idle.

Do not dwell too much upon your problems. Support this information with real-life examples. Tell the goals for the future. This information will allow the admission board to see that your motivation comes from the ultimate goal as opposed to an idle search for a place in life.

Be sure to mention pursued hobbies, work experience, community service, or research works. The authors are encouraged to point out their limitations, but excuses will be frowned upon. Use visual examples when listing skills.


When having completed the essay, you will probably want to send it as soon as possible. Finally, you’ve tried so hard, so your effort will be appreciated. They will, but not in full if there are many inconsistencies and mistakes or the text appears bland. So, consider the following:

  • Get help. Ask someone to proofread the text.
  • Read it at least three times at intervals.
  • Check the text for the presence of the most compelling words suggested in the internet resources.

Wrapping Up

To write well, one needs to think well. A colorific writing style is of little value if the main idea is silly or boring. As mentioned above, essays of this type should be clear, concise, and persuasive. The latter is key to high-quality writing that could get even the students with low grades into the Ivy League. The more time you spend thinking about the content of the essay and the more effort you put into editing and rewriting it, the better the final product will be.

Make sure that the text reflects your personality and the topic is really meaningful to you. Try to see whether it shows some original approach to the suggested case.

Do not worry about word limits. Write the answer just as it feels right, and then just cross out the excessive information.

BC Editorial Team


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