5 Rights You Need To Know As A Condo Owner

 June 9, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

Owning a condo in the city is a dream for many. And while it does come with a ton of perks, if you’re a new condo owner, you might not know some of the rights that you have. It’s important to know these things so in case of a dispute, you know where to stand. In this article, we will specifically discuss the rights of an individual who owns a condo unit. These are provided their own set of privileges entitled to its homeowners.

1. You have the right to have privacy. 

Even for the fact that you are now part of a vast community, you as a condo owner, still have the right to live at peace in your personal space and not be bothered and disrupted by other people living in the same community. If there are people being too nosey or noisy, you have the right to report them if you think you can’t settle the dispute with your neighbors.

2. You are authorized to conduct a review in regards to the condo’s financial records as well as their corporation’s records.

Having the authorization to gain access to these documents will be a way for you to gain assurance and trust in your chosen condominium. For example, when you opt to buy a new condo in Ontario, Canada, it is your right to demand a soft copy of the condominium corporation’s records in the said city. This is included in the rights of a condo owner in Ontario, and most other cities as well.

3. You will be given an opportunity to vote in every condo owner’s meeting and you can even request and conduct your own. 

Being a condo owner will automatically include you as a part of the condo community’s election board wherein you can participate in their regular meetings.

In every meeting, a condo owner has the right to ask questions and raise some concerns and issues. It is highly encouraged to exercise these rights because this will help and contribute to the betterment of the community.

Aside from the regular meetings, you as an owner are given the privilege to request an owner’s meeting as well if there’s something you want to be discussed.

4. If there’s a need for inspection or repairs, you have the right to be notified before conducting such activities in your unit. 

A condo owner’s consent will be required for any staff to gain access to every property. This is to ensure your safety as well. So if anybody knocks on your door demanding entry for inspection, that is a cause for concern.

5. Obtaining ownership authorizes you to legally sell out the unit or make it available for lease to anyone who can meet and provide your own set of requirements. 

After you have obtained your legal documents as a condo owner, you will now have the right to sell your unit or make it available for rent.

Final Words 

Overall, these rights should not be disregarded, instead, you should exercise and make use of it because these serve as an advantage for you as an owner. However, one must utilize these rights in a proper way and should not abuse them. Being a responsible owner will definitely help the community to grow and prosper.

BC Editorial Team


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