5 Interesting Ways To Serve And Display Your Wine

 March 1, 2023

By  BC Editorial Team

You’ve done it. You’ve bought that expensive wine from the local wine shop. It costs an arm and a leg and may very well taste like all the other wine you’ve ever tasted, but it’s the principle. It’s the statement. This evening is going to be special…

Only you get home for the party or celebration, open the wine, pour it into glasses and… no one notices. You try to eek it into conversation: “this wine is from…” only to be cut off by someone’s ill-timed – albeit pretty funny – dinner party joke.

Diverting the subject back towards your wine is always difficult. But there is an answer to the problem, because you’re doing something wrong. You’re not showing off the wine. The wine is a Hollywood actor but any actor needs a stage to perform upon. Something to display their qualities and shout: “look at me!”

Thankfully for you, there are a number of ways to serve and display your wine. Here are five of the best to ensure your next celebration goes off without a hitch and your wine takes center stage!

The Wine Fountain

Wine fountains are just cool. Not to mention they turn the act of pouring the wine into a show, meaning every guest is enraptured by the wine and will therefore appreciate its vintage. This kiddush fountain, for example, is the epitome of class and luxury. It is crafted around a central stand and decorated with sterling silver filigree shapes,and it can fill as many as eight glasses – each of which are plated in gold. Now that is a wow factor.

The Wine Cellar

This is not a way to serve wine, we admit, but the wine cellar is far more about displaying wine than storing it. If you have the money and are quite partial to a number of vintages – rather than the odd couple – then we highly suggest you invest into something like this. There’s nothing more exciting than showing your guests through the collection and picking out your favorite with them there with you.

The Wine Rack

If you don’t really have that money – or the space – then the next best thing is a wine rack. This can be installed in your kitchen or even your dining space, and it gives almost exactly the same effect. Just make sure you don’t let the guest pick out the wine for the evening. They might just pick up that 1989 red that you’ve been saving!

The Wine Decanter

Another cool way to serve wine is with a decanter. This is partly because there are so many options on the market. You can go for a prim and proper glass decanter, or something a little quirky. All you have to do is ensure the entire bottle is drunk on the evening, because the wine won’t last very long when it’s been dispensed from the bottle.

The Crystal Glass

Last but certainly not least is the crystal glass. Again, this is an option for people with a little bit of money to spend. A crystal glass set that is only taken out for special wines is a good way to immediately tell your guests how special the wine is without actually telling them. Put a glass of vintage wine in a plastic cup and no one would be any the wiser. Put it in a crystal glass and suddenly the vintage becomes that much more clear.

BC Editorial Team


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