4 Unconventional Relaxation Techniques for Post-Work Unwinding

 November 14, 2023

By  Kyrie Mattos

In a world that seems to sprint incessantly, the pursuit of relaxation has become a fundamental necessity for maintaining mental health and emotional well-being. While typical relaxation recommendations range from meditation to vacationing, there are less-trodden paths that can lead to significant stress reduction and rejuvenation. Exploring unconventional ways to unwind can be a refreshing change, especially for those who find traditional methods less appealing or ineffective. Keep reading to delve into innovative relaxation techniques, some of which you might not have considered, to help you relax at the end of a long work day or week.

Embracing the Art of Non-Doing

In a society that glorifies busyness, consciously engaging in non-doing can be revolutionary. This isn’t about laziness but about allowing oneself to be still and present without the compulsion to constantly achieve something. Set aside a designated time each day to sit quietly in a comfortable space. Let go of the need to check your phone, read, or meditate. This practice isn’t about emptying the mind or achieving a state of relaxation; it’s about simply being. Over time, this can become a sanctuary of peace in one’s daily routine, reducing stress and enhancing overall calmness. This approach is backed by principles found in various cultural practices such as the Italian “Dolce Far Niente,” which means “the sweetness of doing nothing,” and the Dutch concept of “Niksen,” which encourages people to stare out the window without purpose. These moments of stillness are not about inactivity but about giving your mind the freedom to wander, reflect, or simply rest.

Cultivating a Green Thumb Indoors

The calming effects of nature are well documented, but not everyone has the luxury of living near vast expanses of natural beauty. An intriguing alternative is to create your own green space indoors. Engaging in indoor gardening can be surprisingly therapeutic, with the added benefit of purifying the air and beautifying your living space. Tending to plants can be a mindful exercise that requires you to focus on the task at hand, effectively providing a respite from the daily grind. Research shows that interacting with indoor plants can reduce psychological and physiological stress. This is partially attributed to nurturing something and its connection with living things. The satisfaction of seeing your plants thrive due to your care can offer a fulfilling sense of accomplishment.

Discovering Serenity in Spontaneous Live Music

In the age of digital overload, the raw energy of live music offers an unparalleled escape. There’s something inherently relaxing and liberating about losing yourself in the rhythm and the shared experience of a concert. However, the hassle of planning and booking tickets in advance can be a deterrent. The solution? Leverage the spontaneity of technology. You can use the app to find Bandsintown concerts at the last minute, taking the stress out of planning and allowing for impromptu enjoyment.

Apps like Bandsintown provide a user-friendly platform to not only discover new artists and events but also get alerts when your favorite bands are in town. By enabling location services on your device, these apps can curate a list of live shows in your vicinity, some of which might be free or at a local bar you’ve never visited. This way, you can finish your workday and, on a whim, indulge in the vibrant local music scene, perhaps discovering a great new haunt or a genre of music you hadn’t appreciated before.

Harnessing the Power of Creative Expression

Artistic activities are often suggested as a relaxing method, but there’s a specific aspect that’s less talked about abstract expression. Unlike traditional art-making that focuses on the end product, abstract art encourages a focus on the process. It’s about letting go of intentions and immersing yourself in the act of creation. You don’t need to be an artist to benefit from this; it’s about the act of expression itself. You can start with some paints and a canvas, or even paper and pens, and allow your emotions and impulses to guide your hand. This can be a powerful way to release pent-up feelings, reduce anxiety, and cultivate a relaxed state of mind. The process is akin to visual journaling, where the priority is expression, not the aesthetic outcome. Through abstract creation, you may discover internal tranquility that transcends traditional relaxation methods.

The Conclusion of Unconventional Calm

In today’s fast-paced world, finding time to relax can seem challenging. However, by incorporating these less conventional methods into your routine, you can discover new avenues to achieve a relaxed state of mind. Remember, relaxation doesn’t have to be a scheduled appointment with yourself; it can be a spontaneous decision made at the moment’s inspiration. It’s about finding joy and peace in unexpected places and ways. So next time you want to unwind, consider these unconventional options—you might just find a new favorite way to de-stress and rejuvenate your spirit.

Kyrie Mattos


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