3 Tips To Organize The Perfect Engagement Party

 August 14, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

The first few weeks of your engagement seem like floating on cloud nine. You’re now engaged with the love of your life and are going to flip a new, life-altering chapter together. However, before you get too busy with the preparation and wedding planning, it’d be best to take a moment to celebrate this occasion with your family and closest friends.

What’s An Engagement Party?

An engagement party is an initial event that jumpstarts all the other pre-wedding festivities and preparation. It allows you to squeeze in time to hang out with the most important people in your life to celebrate the forthcoming union.

If you’re the guy, you might think that the stress and pressure stop after choosing the most suitable ring out of the many cushion cut engagement rings. However, it doesn’t conclude there. This is especially if you plan to have your engagement party as a surprise, post-celebration following the proposal.

Throwing an engagement party is a great way to gather your loved ones, reveal the exciting news, and build the excitement leading to you and your partner’s big day. Typically, this event isn’t as grandiose as the wedding. It’s a more casual, laid-back, and intimate affair that allows both you and your future spouse’s families to get acquainted with each other. However, it does compel you to plan, organize, and set things ahead for a seamless and stress-free event.

Organizing Tips For A Seamless Engagement Party

Moreover, your engagement party is an excellent opportunity to practice and put your event organizing skills to the test. This allows you to experience how it is to plan social events and gatherings prior to the actual ceremony.

Whether you’re the bride, the friend of the recently engaged couple, or the parent, there are ways to plan a successful engagement party. Regardless of your preferences and vision for the occasion, below are tips for organizing the perfect engagement party:

1. Set Your Budget

It’s been a tradition that the bride’s parents fund the party. But if your friends insist, they can also host the engagement party, given you’ll shoulder the party’s expenses. Alternatively, if you’re the bride and if your partner agrees, you can freely both initiate and throw the engagement party.

As you collaborate with your friend, event organizer, or your partner, keep in mind not to overspend for this event. Take note that you need to prioritize and save chunks of your money for the actual big day.

Ask your partner and collectively decide and stick to a justifiable amount. Break down your finances and estimate how much both of you are willing to spend for the menu, venue, and other details for this special occasion.

Having a budget doesn’t have to be a bummer. In fact, this can be an amazing opportunity to be resourceful and innovative on how you can organize a memorable party without stretching out from your budget. This is also a great way to eliminate the guesswork and prioritize the important matters rather than fussing about the unnecessary details.

Since you’ll be inviting a small group of people, you can make the party as simple and modest as possible. In this way, you won’t overwhelm your guests with all the fancy and visual elements, allowing all of you to remember the essence of the event.

If you want to add a bit of flair, you can talk with your local vendors and negotiate on a price that fits your budget. You can gather around your talented friends as well and decorate the venue using a few flowers, artsy pieces, and design elements. In this way, you don’t need to hire someone to beautify the area.

2. Select A Party Motif

Of course, there’s no definite rule on how you should go about your engagement party. You also aren’t required to match the party theme to the other bridal events. However, to help you narrow down your choices, stick to your budget, and achieve a cohesive and elegant event, it’d be best to choose a theme.

While this can be quite stressful to some couples, choosing a theme is where the fun part begins. You can settle with a theme that reflects both you and your partner’s taste and style. Considering their needs and preferences for the party allows them to truly feel special. You can even customize a theme by taking inspiration from your love story.

For instance, if both of you met at a live, outdoor concert, you can have an outdoor venue and hire a live band to sing songs for you. Since it’s an outdoor event, you can play around with bohemian-inspired accents, design elements, and outfits.

On the other hand, if you and your partner met in a park, you can choose to have the event in the same place to reminisce that special moment. For a less formal gathering, you can have a picnic with your friends and family in the said area.

Additionally, you can take inspiration from various engagement party themes online and take only the elements that strongly resonate with you and your partner.

3. Be Strategic About Your Date

If your family and friends are living in different countries, it’d be convenient to host an event in two different places. In this way, your guests will surely be able to attend the event. However, if this idea seems out of your budget, you can choose a date that falls on the weekend or a holiday to safely assume everyone’s free.

Make sure to inform your guests two to four weeks prior to the event, so they can mark their calendars and block off time for this party. You can also take initiative to include a start and end time in the invitations so your guests will be able to estimate what time to travel and depart, especially if their schedules are quite hectic.

Regarding the party invitations, you don’t necessarily have to email them with fancy, calligraphy cards. You can simply call or send them a text message.

Apart from consulting your guests’ availability, make sure your set date provides you adequate time to prepare and organize everything. If you’re working with an international vendor, make sure they’ll be able to arrive on time during the event. You wouldn’t want to get stressed out because of all the travel and time constraints.

Wrapping It Up

While planning an engagement party can be quite demanding, it doesn’t have to be. Follow the ideas above, and you’d be able to come up with ways on how you’ll approach and organize the perfect engagement party you won’t forget.

BC Editorial Team


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