10 Fashionable Ways to Style a Hoodie

 September 23, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

Instead of a dress

The only thing to watch out for when styling a Vlone Hoodie is the skate-like likeness. Therefore, no sneakers and slip-ons. The most popular combination on the runway is a Hoodie with over the knee boots, which, as we remember, after the spring-summer shows were called “new pants”.  In this case, the dress can be safely replaced with a hoodie.

Under the dress

The dress with thin spaghetti straps has been in the trend book since 2014 and, judging by the future cruise collections, is not going to leave it. In the summer we wore a combination with T-shirts, and by autumn we will wear sweaters and hoodies under the same thing (the principle of cabbage can be enhanced with another layer of badlon).

Over the dress

Alexandro Michele figured out how to wear an evening dress for no particular reason (for example, in the morning with croissants) – you just need to throw it over the hoodie. It was also supported by the Italian brand MSGM, whose look book is styled by Dazed & Confused fashion director Robbie Spencer.

With a midi skirt

Another contrasting combination that can be used in the fall, if you put on a bomber jacket (and in winter – a short sheepskin coat). In this case, the shoes are not so important: the sneakers will be in harmony with the hoodie, and the heel with the skirt.

With a maxi skirt

The version with a floor-length skirt is an homage to the Gothic culture, which unexpectedly found its way into the trend book of the fall-winter season. You can play along and put on boots on giant platforms, like at the Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs shows, or play on the balance with sneakers or neat ankle boots with small heels.

With wide trousers

A long Hoodie, coupled with wide-leg trousers, looks very fashionable, but let’s face it, it will only paint girls with very long legs. If you are lucky with something else, you can only experiment with this combination of ankle boots with decent heels.

With a jacket

Harmony has not been canceled: the more voluminous and multilayered the “top”, the narrower and simpler the “bottom” should be. If you choose a combination “jacket + hoodie”, then there is enough experimentation on this: we put on ordinary sweatpants or classic trousers.

Over the shirt

Two of the most important trends for the next year – “oversize” and “over styling” – fit in one Marques’ Almeida look, which can be repeated with a shirt and Hoodie 3-4 sizes larger (they can easily be found in a dad’s or boyfriend’s closet).

Under a coat, raincoat, or sheepskin coat

Layering is our companion from October to May when the autumn-winter season really lasts in St. Petersburg. But thanks to Demna Gvasalia and Lotta Volkova, huge down jackets, sheepskin coats, and bombers, worn over a hoodie, became hype. Experiments can continue with trench coats, Travis Scott Hoodie, and even a classic coat like the Tommy Hilfiger show.

With tailoring

If you’re wearing a hoodie with a suit or blazer, you’re channeling a “look” and will instantly mark yourself as a Club Menswear card-carrying member. However, that’s no reason not to give this combination of highs and lows a spin. To achieve the sporty suit look, try a midweight gray hoodie with a charcoal gray suit and go for white lace-up sneakers instead of the regular ones. work shoes.

BC Editorial Team


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