10 Best Hobbies to Put on Your Resume

 August 25, 2022

By  Kyrie Mattos

The corporate culture, the dynamics between employer and employees, and the qualities employers look for in a prospective candidate has changed drastically. Before, only people with great academic backgrounds were sought. However, companies now prefer candidates with magnetic personality traits. 

This indicates that the advice to not include hobbies in your resume is now outdated, at least in most cases. The section indeed tells a lot about a person, helping the recruiter to sort through the resumes.

If you decide to include your interests and hobbies, you have to ensure that these are relevant to the job you are applying for and are not unthoughtful and unproductive pastimes. If you need time to develop a hobby, but you are also studying, use a professional essay writer service to help you with your essays, research papers, and other assignments. 

10 Hobbies That Stand Out

Deciding what hobbies can go on your CV may get a little confusing at times. A little nudge in the right direction may help. Hence, here is a list of the best hobbies that look good on a resume. 


Watching sports can be a good interest, but if you play any sports, you might get an edge over others. Both single-player and multiplayer sports represent a variety of qualities in a candidate. Sports like basketball, volleyball, and baseball require you to be a great team player. 

On the other hand, activities like running, skiing, swimming, cycling, and mountain climbing make you self-disciplined and self-driven. Sports like chess point towards your analytical skills. 

A recruiter may ask about how you managed sports along with academics. Know that you can get access to professional writers on platforms like EssayService for your assignments while you pursue your hobby. You can check this Essay Service review to get a better idea of what this writing service offers.


Art is associated with imagination, creativity, and cultural sensitivity. Your orientation toward arts may help you catch the recruiter’s attention. You may like painting, sketching, learning music or any musical instrument, pottery, or theater. All of these interests represent out-of-the-box thinking. A hobby in art also helps you become a calm and composed person, making you a fit for creative jobs. 

Volunteer Work

Involvement in community or social work is a symbol of high morals, self-driven nature, and empathy. Association with such individuals also helps the company’s reputation and workplace atmosphere. Hence, most managers prefer candidates with such interests. Volunteering also indicates your capabilities to take the initiative, which is trait organizations actively look for. 


Writing can also be considered an art if it is related to literature. But you may simply like to write journals, stories, novels, or blogs. Every kind of writing needs commitment. It also shows that you have strong creativity, communication, and writing skills. If you blog, it adds networking, marketing, and digital proficiency to your capabilities. Hence, adding blogging to your resume will help it stand out. 


Most people put traveling as their hobby, but when they are asked, they don’t have much to say. And since it is the most trending hobby, chances are your recruiter might pursue it too. So, ensure that you actually travel a lot out of interest. Otherwise, putting it in your resume may backfire. 

This hobby indicates that you are courageous, curious, and can step out of your comfort zone. The explorer in you also makes you a well-rounded personality. If you are truly passionate about traveling, mention all the places you have been to in a short sentence in your resume. It will add credibility. 

Learning New Language

Learning a foreign language takes utmost dedication and self-discipline. If your hobby is learning new languages, you will be considered highly intelligent and a problem-solver. These are the traits that are in demand among employers. If you include this interest in your resume, don’t forget to mention your level of proficiency and the resources you are learning it from. 


Cooking and baking are usually considered irrelevant hobbies in the job landscape. However, these interests point towards patience, dedication, and the ability to follow instructions and take criticism. This unique area of interest also gives an impression of you being a self-driven, punctual, and creative individual. 


Dancing is not just artistic, but it showcases many traits of a candidate. This hobby allows you to unwind and reconnect with yourself in a unique way. Through dancing, you also learn communication, collaboration, and social skills. If you list this hobby, you are exhibiting your ability to memorize and synchronize. 


Photography is a one-of-its-kind interest that allows you to explore the world through a digital lens and transform moments into stories. This hobby points towards attention to detail, conceptual analysis, and an eye for captivating visuals. 

If you follow this passion, you also seem to have collaboration skills and technical expertise to transform an image into a presentable photograph. 


Yoga is not just an exercise routine. Instead, it is a whole process of understanding one’s existence. It teaches you to concentrate and control your breathing, realize the impact of different poses on your health, and a greater way to connect with the universe. 

Yoga as your hobby showcases your ability to stay calm and handle difficult situations with ease. It also leaves an impression of you being a reliable individual, giving you an edge over others. 

Wrapping Up

The interests and hobbies section is not the most important part of a resume. However, it often acts as an ice breaker, works in your favor when the hiring manager has to make the final decision and helps you stand out. 

It is crucial to include hobbies that are recreational, showcase personality traits, and can easily be associated with soft or hard skills. However, you must refrain from writing things like watching Netflix, collecting celeb pics, or drinking coffee as your hobby.

Kyrie Mattos


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